10 Malibu Beach House Decor Tips to Get the Breezy, Luxury Look

Malibu beach house decor kitchen


Evoking sounds of serene waves rhythmically ebbing on the shore and relaxing evenings watching the sunsets over the ocean, beach house interiors transport us to the blissful world of holidays and a carefree existence. Hike the level of luxury up a notch to some of the most exclusive beachfront real estate in the world, and we instantly think of deluxe Malibu beach homes.

Here our designers recommend 10 Malibu beach house decor tips to help you get that breezy, luxury look.

1. Celebrate Nature

Perhaps you have an envious position right upon the seafront or you’ve got spectacular ocean views from further in land; either way beach house interiors demand that outdoor living is integral to the design. Terraces should be dressed with luxurious wicker furniture for a classic look, floor to ceiling glass doors should offer sea views and beautiful outdoor lighting should transform the day into a romantic oasis at night.

Our Malibu beach style design for Excellare celebrates the property’s extensive terraces and it’s magnificent position overlooking the crisp blue coast.

Malibu beach house decor terrace

2. Open, Airy Spaces

An essential factor in Malibu beach house decor is planning the furnishings carefully to create a refreshing feeling of expansive space. Open plan rooms should be augmented with an ergonomic approach, glass doors should be left open to allow revitalising breezes to blow through the home and the design should be uncluttered and luxuriously minimalist.

Beach house interiors living room

3. Organic Furnishings

Bring elements of the beautiful outdoors into your beach house with handmade ocean driftwood sculptures, wooden artisan coffee tables and wicker chairs. Enhance that feeling of nature throughout your interiors and give it an organic, nourishing feel.

Beach house interiors wooden interiors

4. Botanics

Inject vibrancy into your beach home interiors with indoor plants. The verdant greenery of botanics in your scheme will add a pop of nourishing colour and reinforce the theme of nature throughout.

Beach house interiors botanics

5. Maritime Themes

Enhance the feeling of your seafront or sea view position by introducing nautical themes into your beach home interiors. From classic blue and white stripe fabrics to enchanting boat ornaments to wall-hanging anchor accessories, bring a touch of marine charm to the space.

This maritime pendant light adds a metallic edge to our Malibu beach house master bedroom design, the gold hues complementing the soft textures and tones in the surrounding furnishings.

Maritime Decor Beach House Interiors

6. Light and Refreshing

Summer holidays conjure thoughts of sun-filled days and beautiful blue skies – we want to continue this refreshing lightness through into our interiors to get the Malibu beach house look. Decorate with light, crisp furnishings and let ‘white’ set your design colour palette. Add depth and a sense of homeliness with the organic furnishings and let the white create a feeling of space.

Malibu beach house decor luxury

7. Tropical Retreat

Malibu beach house decor would not be complete without a touch of the exotic. Accent your beach home with dramatic palm trees and tropical plants and let them sway in the ocean breeze.

Luxury Beach Home Malibu

8. Holiday Spirit

Add a hint of holiday magic to your beach house interiors with carefully considered accessories and decor; seashells, corals and starfish.

A row of summer hats add light-hearted, care-free personality to our Malibu beach house interior, the natural organic theme echoed in the beautiful wooden mirror.

Holiday Home Interiors

9. Blue

Turquoise waters and clear-blue skies entice us to punctuate our beach home interiors with beautiful blues. Deep blue cushion fabrics, vivid artwork and exquisite chinaware are all simple ways to get the breezy, beach look.

Blue Malibu Beach House Decor

Injecting our bedroom design with evocative personality, the rich blue tones of the circular mirror and refined desk pop vividly against the warm brass frame and handles, whilst the chair and roses bring soft femininity.

Bedroom Beach Home Interiors

10. Comforting Textures

A holiday beach house is a place to relax back and feel completely comfortable. Malibu beach home decor requires a certain level of luxury and there is no better way to introduce this into your interiors than with lavish textures and fabrics. Think exquisite faux fur throws or indulgent heavy knit blankets, 1000+ thread count Egyptian cotton bed sheets and beautifully soft fabric cushions. You can also layer depth and texture into the interiors with luxurious wallpaper.

Powerful and dynamic, this kilim-like wallpaper by Thibaut with modern paisley shapes has a warm, simulated antiquing effect, bringing ever more depth and texture to our vibrant Malibu-style study design.

Malibu beach house decor textures

If we can assist you with your Malibu beach house decor, please feel free to get in touch.