10 Spring Home Decor Ideas to Style Your Home for Easter

Spring Home Decor


Celebrate the coming of Easter in style with these stunning spring home decor ideas. Spring is a time to blow away the cobwebs of winter and revitalise your interiors with bursts of colour, creativity and new life.

We’ve put together 10 spring interior design tips to help you transition effortlessly into this beautiful new season.

1. Vibrant Yellows

As the daffodils blossom into life around every corner and the buttercups shimmer in the sunshine across the fields, the world comes alive with vibrant yellow and we know the arrival of spring is here!

Known as the colour of joy, hope and happiness, this bright shade is the perfect spring home decor addition to your interiors. Accent with yellow cushion covers and throws, photo frames and artwork, lampshades and chic carpet. Bring those stunning seasonal flowers indoors with a display of bright daffodils and let them energise your interiors.

Spring Home Decor Kingswood Ascot

2. Spring Greens

Spring brings a verdant green back to our world as the weather continues to warm, inspiring a vivid sense of greenery all around us. This refreshing shade symbolises the renewal of life, nature and growth, allowing us to energise our interiors and inspire us back into action after a quiet, cosy winter.

Spring Home Decor Bedside Florals

Still very on trend since Pantone announced it as their colour of the year in 2017, this fresh, zesty colour is perfectly paired with neutrals, pastels, metallics, brights and deeper shades. Accent with pops of spring green throughout your interiors or simply introduce collections of verdant plants. We recommend these beautiful ceramic pots by Garden Trading to enhance the organic element, bringing the outdoors in.

Spring Home Decor Vases

3. Abundant Florals

The very essence of new life, nothing says ‘spring’ quite like flowers. Whether you have guests coming to stay for the holidays or you simply wish to invigorate your interiors, infuse your home with abundant displays of bright florals, celebrating the season of new beginnings and life.

Spring Home Decor Spring Green

We recommend the exquisite vases from The White Company. This Bilbury extra large crystal vase features a striking bud-shape design with a beautiful upturned rim, the perfect choice if you want to create a show-stopping display for your mantelpiece, hallway or dining room.

Spring Home Decor Ceramic Pots

4. Hygge and Minimalism

Hygge isn’t just about winter’s cuddly knitted throws, glowing fireplaces and intimate candlelight, it’s about bringing that Danish-inspired cosy contentment into our homes and lives all year round. Hygge has an important role to play in our spring home decor as we create pockets of wellbeing throughout our interiors.

Declutter and destress your home, simplify your life and welcome a more minimalistic approach to your interiors. Lighten and brighten the tones of your interiors, replacing faux fur throws with lighter knits, and velvet fabric pillows with linen ones. Bring nature into your home, allow more natural light to flood in and let the fresh air refresh your interiors. We recommend these Willow Branches by The White Company for a strikingly simple, natural look.

Spring Home Decor Hygge

5. Easter Celebration

Inspired by the German tradition to decorate the branches of trees and bushes with eggs for Easter, this centuries old celebration is becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

Capturing our imaginations and exciting the magic of this season of new beginnings, Easter trees are a beautiful addition to your spring home decor. They are a stunning way to bring the beauty of nature inside our homes in true celebration of spring. Opt for a classic white tree for an elegant look within your interiors – we recommend this White Tree from Hobbycraft.

Spring Home Decor Easter Tree

6. A Touch of Fun

Not only are eggs symbolic of new life and creation, but no Easter tree would be complete without the appropriate hanging decoration! A wonderful way to bring family and friends together this spring, easter tree decor can be an opportunity for all to unleash their creativity by embellishing those eggs and a wonderful way to bring fun into your interiors.

We recommend these pretty Easter egg decorations by Not on the High Street for a cute, trendy monochrome look. Or this beautiful set of six matte porcelain hearts from The White Company for a more classic and contemporary effect.

Spring Home Decor Easter Egg Hanging Decoration
Spring Home Decor Heart Tree Decor

7. Spring Welcomes

As we come out of our cosy winter havens, it’s time to open the doors to spring and welcome the flourishing new world inside. Easter wreaths add a touch of organic glamour to our homes, ushering our friends and family indoors with an air of abundance.

This spring home decor is best made with natural twigs and branches, decorated in spring blossoms and verdant pastel shades. We recommend this stunning Easter wreath from Not on the High Street with its array of delicate pale yellow and green speckled eggs and tiny buds with lime and yellow blossom.

Spring Home Decor Easter Wreath

8. Spring Tableware and Easter Crackers

Style your dining table with stunning spring decor and make your Easter celebrations special this year. From blossom-rich garlands to exquisite floral arrangements to yellow accent tablecloths, you can create your very own spring themed display and set the scene for this bright season. We recommend these Easter crackers from Not on the High Street and exquisite table linens from The White Company.

Spring Home Decor Easter Crackers
Spring Home Decor Tableware

9. Spring Scents

After filling our homes with the rich, deep scents of winter, we can now welcome the scents of spring with soft florals and bright, fruity notes. ‘Goodbye’ cinnamon and orange, and ‘hello’ gardenia and rose.

We recommend this signature fragrance from Jo Malone ‘Lime Basil & Mandarin’ for the zesty lime aromas and unexpected twist of peppery basil and aromatic white thyme.

Spring Home Decor Lime Basil & Mandarin Scents

10. Avian Themes

When the warm rays of the sun beam through our windows on a spring morning, we are greeted by the sound of singing birds – the beautiful song of spring. The perfect spring home decor, we can welcome these gorgeous little creatures into our interiors with avian themed touches, accenting with figurines, art and accessories. We recommend these adorable feather bird clip ons from John Lewis to adorn your Easter tree.

Spring Home Decor Avian Theme
Spring Home Decor Avian Decorations

If we can assist you with your spring home decor, please feel free to get in touch.