11 Top Autumn Winter Interior Design Trends 2018 You’ll Love

Autumn Decor 2018 Bedroom


Dress your home for the stunning seasons of autumn and winter and incorporate the latest interior design trends of 2018 to suit these gloriously cooler, crisper months.

With sensational spoilers already emerging from the fashion catwalks and moodboards adapting the 2018 decor styles to celebrate the darker nights and magnificent bursts of colour outside, we can now reveal the 11 top autumn winter interior design trends of 2018.

1. Darker Palettes

Rich, darker shades are set to create a cosy, elegant ambience within our homes this autumn and winter. Deep browns, greys and purple tones take precedence, infusing rooms with a moody, enchanting atmosphere of comfort.

Sultry and seductive, we layered rich depths of luxury into our master bedroom design with a bold palette of greys and browns, the distinctive lustre of the Mark Alexander Empire Otter headboard concealing the secret doors to the ensuite and dressing room at either side.

Luxury Bedroom Autumn Winter Design Trends 2018

2. Autumn Maple

A classic autumnal colour, this orangey shade brings a burst of optimism and vitality to the darker days of winter. Autumn maple, copper, brass and gold all trendset this autumn 2018, accenting interior designs with warmth, personality and sophistication.

With warm tones throughout the luxurious soft furnishings, rich wallpaper and striking side table, this seating area is intimate and classic in style, the exquisitely sculpted side table by Julian Chichester in raw brass adding vivacity to the design.

Autumn Winter Interior Design Trends 2018 Copper Tones

3. Interesting Textures

A wide range of intriguing textures have flaunted their way across the catwalk this season, from shiny plastic to patterned vinyl to glittery sequins. And this stunning layering of unusual textures will make their way into the autumn winter interior trends this 2018.

These exquisite honeycomb-hive effect vases in grey and gold are vibrantly ignited by the fiery abstract art behind, whilst the elegant RV Astley Vienna lamp adds a smooth touch of serenity to our design.

Autumn Winter Decor Trends 2018 Textures

4. Navy Blue

A timeless classic, navy blue is set to be huge this autumn winter in interior design. A darker shade of blue, this sophisticated tone is perfect for both a traditional design style and for those looking to achieve a bold, contemporary look.

Autumn Design Trends 2018 Navy Moodboard

The luxuriously silky weave of this Tektura Silk Road wallpaper adds dramatic depth to our bedroom design, the typography print cushions injecting a touch of modern style.

Navy Blue Bedroom Design Trends 2018

5. Back to the 80s

An 80’s mania has hit the fashion world this season, bringing back shoulder pads, daring ruffles and power suits. And the 80’s craze hasn’t stopped there; it is firmly on the map of 2018’s autumn winter interior design trends, welcoming bold colour combinations, retro lighting and flamboyant patterns into our homes.

In our Pathé Studio project, we incorporated stylised neon lighting, retro typography signage and vintage furniture to create a bold bedroom design, brimming with character.

Autumn Winter Interior Design Trends 2018 80s

6. Heritage Charm

Autumn winter interior design trends in 2018 see an influx of tartan, checks and paisley into our home decor, bringing with it a captivating touch of old-world charm.

Heritage Fabrics Checks Tartans Design Trends 2018

This characterful lounge chair in bold Romo herringbone check complements the striking monochrome desk furniture in our study design, the pesto hues in the fabric bringing the botanical theme to life.

Checks And Tartans Heritage Decor Trends 2018

7. Simplicity

Scaling back the clutter and creating more space for a positive atmosphere is ideal for the darker winter seasons. Adopting this minimalist style is a firm autumn interior design trend in 2018, inviting a clean, monochrome approach.

Crips, sleek and contemporary, our modern living area is striking in it’s black and white monochrome palette, punctuated by the red abstract art above.

Autumn Winter Interior Design Trends 2018 Monochrome

8. Leather

One of the most dominant fabrics in fashion this autumn season is leather; leather trench coats, skirts and trousers in a range of colours. Interior designers will be trendsetting in homes by way of indulgent leather chairs, tactile lampshades, luxurious sofas and more.

Autumn Interior Design Trends 2018 Leather

9. Floral-Patterned Furniture

An easy transition from tropical patterns, floral prints are a huge autumn winter interior design in 2018. The bigger and bolder, the better – bring back the 70’s 80’s flower power!

Peacock and copper shades emit from these beautiful Osborne & Little Charades fabric curtains, enhancing the rich teals and midnight blues in our living room design – further intensified by the trendy floral print cushions.

Interior Design Trends Floral Patterns 2018

10. Blanket Beauty

More dramatic than ever, blankets and throw are back again this autumn season, but on a much grander scale with even more emphasis on comfort.

Our master bedroom design is evocative and luxurious, the Andrew Martin Balzac side tables with fir wooden cone tops descending into soft gilt frames and the deluxe faux fur throw adding a hint of glamour.

Autumn Decor 2018 Throws

11. Brown is the New Black

The classic, timeless shade of black has been taken over by brown this season. In 2018, autumn interior design trends welcome all shades of brown into our homes, warming our interiors and adding a handsome touch of elegance.

This traditional Chesterfield style sofa by Eichholtz in a striking aged tobacco leather with beautiful button back detailing gives an antiqued and well loved appearance in our study design, brought to life by the bright teal accents and vivid plant pot beside.

Autumn Winter Interior Design Trends 2018 Brown

If we can assist you with implementing these autumn winter interior designs 2018, please feel free to get in touch.