13 Seriously Stylish Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

gift wrapping ideas boxes


You’ve done it! You’ve bought all of your Christmas presents and they lay before you now in the room, piled high, waiting to be wrapped. This mountain of yet-to-be-wrapped, glorious gifts presents a daunting task, but you bear a secret smile; you’re going to make this the ultimate craft session. This is your chance to get seriously creative and celebrate these beautiful gifts with style!

So we’re here to inspire you with our favourite 13 gift wrapping ideas that’ll make your Christmas gift display the crème de la crème!

1. Wrapping Paper with Big Wow! Factor

Route around in your cupboards or garage and see if you can find any left-over wallpaper from the last time you decorated. Wallpaper is rich in texture and offers a quirky alternative to the usual wrapping paper. Whether they be beautifully designed patterns or textured colours, a display of gifts like this under the tree will certainly deliver the wow factor!

And if you don’t have any wallpaper, use cut-offs from fabrics instead – they also offer that abundant character in their tactile textures and deep colours.

gift wrapping ideas wrapping paper

2. Vintage Nostalgia

Bring back that old-school charm with old-fashioned brown paper wrapping – one of our favourite gift wrapping ideas!

Very on trend and utterly enchanting, using classic brown paper to wrap your gifts is both cost effective and adds a sense of vintage authenticity to the historic delight of gift-giving. Doesn’t it just take you back to days gone by, pre-commercial craziness, to the very heart of Christmas…. Ahhhh….

gift wrapping ideas brown paper

And use those gorgeous brown luggage tags for your name tags to complete the look.

gift wrapping ideas paper label

3. Dapper Decorations

Now you’ve wrapped your gifts it’s time to spruce them up and elevate them to sensational heights. These next gift wrapping ideas will truly take all who cast their wanting eyes on your presents to merry-heaven with excitement!

Add any unused Christmas decorations to your gifts, for example:

– Plastic Baubles

– Broken jewellery

– Bells

gift wrapping ideas present bell

4. Rustic Ribbons

Of course you can use classic ribbon to embellish your wrapped presents, but we want to take it a step further (we’re after a show-stopping gift display of magical enchantment after all)! With so many elaborate ribbons on offer, these should definitely add spice and variety to your wrapping.

Patterned Ribbons – introduce unique patterns and festive themes with patterned ribbons. One of our favourite gift wrapping ideas is to use Nordic pattern ribbons which just ooze winter-wonderment and rustic charm.

5. Twist on Twine

Twisted twine – choose the dual colours of red and white to evoke memories of traditional candy cane and reminisce on this classic Christmas favourite.

gift wrapping ideas twisted twine red and white

6. Beautiful Beads

Beads – decorate with exquisite beads and achieve a truly elegant look with your Christmas presents this year. Opt for those graceful festive colours such as gold and white and your gifts with glitz and glamour!

7. Fabulous Furs

Faux fur strips – it isn’t only Santa who can rock the faux fur, so can your presents. Just look at how snazzy and exuberant these gifts look.

gift wrapping ideas faux fur

8. Bewitching Baubles

Gift Toppers work perfectly for children’s presents because they are just so fun and festive, especially if you are working with plain wrapping papers. They look fantastic on box presents – so which gift wrapping ideas do we recommend for these gift toppers?

Honeycombe paper baubles – wonderfully colourful, playful and celebratory, paper baubles add depth and a sense of abundance to the present.

gift wrapping ideas paper baubles

9. Pretty Pom Poms

Pom Poms – opt for these incredibly cute wool or fur balls to add that splash of colour and merriment to your gifts.

gift wrapping ideas wool pom pom balls

10. Festive Fruits

And let’s not forget the classic, traditional items that make Christmas magical in our gift wrapping ideas! Add some of these classic festive gems to your gifts to give them jolly flair!

Dried oranges – not only are these bright in colour and gorgeously fragrant, but they also offer a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality creative time with your family/friends.

Check out the best way to make dried orange and cloves.

gift wrapping ideas cinnamon sticks orange

11. Sensational Scents

Cinnamon sticks – there is something incredibly sensual about decorating with cinnamon sticks, and again what a fragrance to add to your gift display!

12. Christmas Candy

Candy cane – the peppermint red and white candy cane offers an additional sweet treat to any gift and takes us back to our historic love of this festive candy.

13. And Because Everyone Deserves a Christmas Kiss…

Mistletoe – come on, your gifts just wouldn’t be complete without a touch of mistletoe!

Gift Wrapping Ideas – Advice & Tips

  • Measure exactly how much paper you need – wrap a piece of ribbon around your gift and then use that to guide how much paper to cut off.
  • When curling ribbon – make sure the blades are closed to get the most natural curls.
  • Use the right paper for the right presents – thicker paper for easy shapes such as cubes, thinner paper for more challenging shapes as its more agile (cellophane is perfect for wrapping up those awkward shapes and it makes a dazzling impression, especially when topped with a big bow).

If we can assist you with your gift wrapping ideas and interiors, please feel free to get in touch.