14 Curtain Design Ideas and Luxury Curtain Fabrics You’ll Love

Curtain Design Ideas Childrens Bedroom Luxury


Luxury curtain fabric sets the stage of indulgence and beauty in any room and can be used to make a striking impact, accent with colour or simply to enhance the style you wish to create. We’ve collated 14 of our curtain design ideas to illustrate how you can use curtains to bring different schemes together and give them true allure.

1. Light Pendant Shimmer

Layering a rich tapestry of luxurious fabrics and textures within our design of this beautiful Berkshire property, the subtle pendant curtains reflect the bespoke lighting whilst the lavish seating fabrics bring a touch of characterful charisma.

Luxury Curtain Fabric Pendant Shimmer

2. Metallic Satin Lustre

An opulent curtain design idea for those who deserve a truly indulgent master bedroom. Layers of warm metallic hues combine in our luxurious bedroom design, the sleek wide-width satin curtains with glossy lustre by Villa Nova adding ever more depth and sophistication.

Satin Lustre Luxury Curtain Fabrics

3. Peacock and Copper Shades

A pattern of mid-scale zigzag rectangles woven with a model-cast effect come together beautifully in these Osborne & Little Charades luxury fabric curtains, the peacock and copper shades enhancing the rich teals and midnight blues in our living room design – a vibrant curtain design idea for a contemporary scheme.

Peacock And Copper Shade Curtains in Living Room

4. Light Ethereal

Almost angelic in its femininity, this beautiful curtain design frames the original window features of our exquisite chapel conversion, the ultra light cotton in Stockholm pearl creating an ethereal, flowing effect.

Curtain Design Ideas Light Ethereal Cotton Curtains

5. Gold Foil Glimmer

The living room in our London Aldgate apartment features a limited-edition art piece by Damien Hirst called ‘The Souls III’, the stunning gold foil reflected in the shimmering metallic-effect curtains. This stylish glimmer adds elegance and a hint of glamour to the scheme, the luxury fabric catching the light which radiates within the room.

Gold Foil Glimmer Luxury Curtain Fabric in London Apartment

6. Full Leaf Print

This curtain design idea is both inviting and luxurious, perfect for a master bedroom looking for a touch of glamour and allure. Lavishly thick, this luxury curtain fabric is held back by exquisite double rope tassel tie backs and framed by an elegant pelmet in trendy botanical leaf print. The sumptuous cushions below echo the intricate pattern and calming duck egg blue hues, whilst the magnificent statement lighting piece completes our design.

Leaf Print Curtain Design Idea

7. Bold Blue and Gold

A vivid combination of colour marries to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in our living room design here; the charismatic gold curtains add an irresistible air of glamour and opulence as it pops against the strong midnight blue. Stylish and evocative, this stunning curtain design idea is for those wishing to make a striking statement.

Blue And Gold Curtain Design Ideas

8. Peaceful Grey Palette

These luxurious curtains continue the mesmerising calm inherent in the peaceful grey palette of our living room design, the steely metallic hues creating a classic and contemporary look – the curtain design completed with a stylish pleat at the base.

Luxury Curtain Fabric Curtain Design Idea Grey Living Room

9. Blue and Silver Sophistication

Veta ‘Tapestry’ shades by Black Edition set a seductive scene in our bedroom design, the deep blue hues and sleek silver reflected in the luxury curtain fabric. Both striking and sophisticated, this evocative colour combination brings richness to the scheme, whilst the velvet adds another layer of indulgence.

Veta Tapestry Luxury Curtain Fabric

10. Refreshing Simplicity

Making a bold statement in our London apartment design, this Ashley Wilde Alaska Navy velvet seating brims with personality and colour, whilst the light cotton curtains act as the perfect backdrop, softening the scheme and adding refreshing simplicity. This curtain design idea demonstrates the power of juxtaposing the masculine and feminine, and how subtlety can in fact enhance the boldness within a design.

Airy Cotton Curtain Design Idea

11. Cool Glacier Tones

A lavish curtain design idea for a luxurious private home. These refined curtains majestically frame the beautiful Georgian windows in our dining room design, the silver and blue velvet shimmering waves of the pelmet reflecting the cool Glacier tones of the Silvano fabric chairs.

Curtain Design Ideas Cool Glacier Tones

12. Deep Seductive Browns

Sultry and seductive, we layered rich depths of luxury into our master bedroom design with a bold palette of greys and browns, the distinctive lustre of the Mark Alexander Empire Otter headboard further enhanced by the minimalist curtain design.

Deep Seductive Browns Luxury Curtain Fabrics

13. Luxurious Tiebacks

Intricate detail adds luxury to any curtain design idea – these exquisite tiebacks glisten with lavish fabric as they envelop the richly textured curtains, the silver detailing contrasting with the characterful tree bark and subtle snowfall pattern behind.

Luxury Curtain Fabric Tieback

14. Country Cottage Charm

Timeless in it’s charm, the classic blue and white colour combination adds an enchanting warmth to our living room design, the blue Designers Guild fabric cushions echoing the charm of the richly patterned curtains. This blue and white curtain design idea is ideal for anyone wishing to create the perfect countryside, cottage look.

Country Cottage Curtain Design Idea

If we can assist you with curtain design ideas for your home, please feel free to get in touch.