15 Living Room Furniture Ideas to Complete your Stunning Design

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Searching for inspiration to create your dream living room design? Pick the right furniture and you’re halfway there to achieving the perfect look!

Here our designers share their top 15 living room furniture ideas to spark your creativity.

1. Striking Statement Chairs

Use a statement chair to create a striking impact within your design.

Place a single chair in a contrasting colour to the other lounge seating, powerfully punctuating with your chosen accent colour and adding that distinctive finishing touch to the room. Or opt for a unique chair that will stand out within the design, such as a chaise longue.

living room furniture ideas statement chair

2. Centrepiece Coffee Tables

Add an inclusive, convivial feel to your living room furniture arrangement with an exquisite coffee table.

This bespoke coffee table with a fabric surround is by Andrew Martin adding a continuation of texture from the soft furnishings and succeeding as a beautiful centrepiece.

living room furniture ideas coffee table

3. Amaze with Artwork

Often overlooked when pondering living room furniture ideas, artwork plays an essential role.

The choice of artwork can define the style of the interiors so select pieces which enhance the overall design, either by utilising complementary colours or adding a stark colour contrast for dramatic effect.

living room furniture ideas artwork

4. Stylish Side Tables

More decorative artwork than practical pieces of furniture, side tables play a huge role in living room interior design, offering you the ideal opportunity to add a beautiful statement feature.

This ebonised oak, mirrored side table by Julian Chichester in our Englemere project demonstrates how such pieces can add style and depth to a room.

living room furniture ideas sideboard

5. Sumptuous Sofas

We recommend considering the sofas wisely when brainstorming living room furniture ideas! Firstly, ensure that your sofas provide enough seating for your household and fit the room size.

Then match the colour, style and fabric with the rest of the living room decor and, if possible, centre the sofas in the middle of the room to create a warm, inviting feel. Or make a bold statement by choosing a powerful accent colour sofa fabric, creating a strong focal point within your design.

living room furniture ideas sofas

6. Be Bold with Cushions

Cushions complete a room, adding personality and depth, so don’t neglect this excellent opportunity to make your living room interiors sing!

Be bold in your choice. Use patterned fabrics and robust colours to add decorative accents that contrast with the sofa fabric and do not blend in. Consider the size of the cushions you use; smaller cushions may be lost on a large sofa, whereas oversized cushions may dominate a smaller sofa.

We love fabrics by Romo, Zoffany and Zimmer and Rhode.

living room furniture ideas cushions

7. Get Comfy with Throws

Add a variation of texture and accent colour with a premium quality throw, emitting that sense of all-important comfort within your living room and enticing you to cuddle up tightly and watch your favourite film.

We love throws by The White Company and Johnstons of Elgin.

living room furniture ideas throw

8. Add Elegance with Accessories

At Alexander James Interiors we believe detail is everything.

Whilst you don’t want to over-accessorise and clutter your living space, it is important to style key pieces of furniture (e.g. coffee tables and console tables) with accessories to create style within your design.

Use beautiful candles and diffusers by Diptique and Jo Malone, as well as a small selection of books and magazines. In this Berkshire project we used Kelly Hoppen resin coral for added elegance.

living room furniture ideas accessories

9. Impress with Wallpaper

Wallpaper can set the tone of the whole room and is a definite ‘must’ on your list of living room furniture ideas to consider.

Highly effective in establishing a focal point within the room, you can create a wallpaper feature wall with a strong accent colour or distinctive pattern. This is particularly powerful if you wish to emphasise a fireplace or a stunning piece of artwork.

living room furniture ideas wallpaper

10. Curtains with Character

Curtains are a superb way to create a style statement.

Add a stunning accent of colour to your living room design or inject a touch of personality with alluring patterns.

living room furniture ideas curtains

11. Enliven with Florals

Brighten up your interiors with floral displays, infusing the design with the fresh vitality of nature and adding a touch of luxury and elegance.

living room furniture ideas florals

12. Stylish Stools

Both practical and stylish, footstools create an inclusive, welcoming feel in living room designs and can either be matched or contrasted with the sofa fabric.

In our St George’s Hill project in Surrey, we matched the calming, neutral tones of our bespoke sofa with the soft taupe footstool for an added touch of luxury.

living room furniture ideas footstool

13. Glorify with Lamps

Nothing makes a room feel inhospitable or dated like bad lighting! Lighting should always bring a space together and allow it to shine in all its glory.

Use lighting to create the atmosphere you desire, to highlight an exceptional feature in your interiors and to provide decorative features. We love lamps by Heathfield and Porta Romana.

living room furniture ideas lamps

14. Mirrors as Art

Not only do mirrors add an element of glamour and opulence to interiors, but they also amplify the sense of space within a room. Once used purely as a functional addition, they are now appreciated as objects of art.

Choose a mirror that is worthy of its place in your living room, making it a statement piece within your design. Display your beautiful mirror on a feature wall for maximum ‘wow’ factor.

living room furniture ideas mirrors

15. Stunning Storage Shelving

Not only does this offer you valuable storage space, but stunning shelving allows you to enhance your design with carefully-selected accessories.

In our Cotswolds project, we reinforced the spectacular countryside position by incorporating a rustic theme in the design, with rustic wooden shelving and topiary pot accessories.

living room furniture ideas storage shelving

If we can assist you with more living room furniture ideas, please feel free to get in touch.