London Fashion Week: 2018 Fashion and Interior Design Trends

Fashion and Interior Design Trends 2018


From runway to hallway, fashion and interior design trends have long since been intertwined, and as our digital age has grown, so has the speed of congruence between the two industries.

Where once interior designers may have taken inspiration from catwalks of the past, now they move with the latest, trend-setting runway collections, offering the world an opportunity to be part of these visionary movements simultaneously within their homes and their personal wardrobes. We no longer have to wait for high fashion to ebb down into our highstreet magazines to catch on to the latest vogues, we simply use the help of our friend Google to begin our personal expression of these modish styles within our own fashions and home decorating!

So with the arrival of London Fashion Week, let’s take a look at how the impelling 2017 catwalk trends are translating into our homes in 2017 and 2018.

Leaf Pattern Trend

From fern fronds and palm motifs to tropical camouflage to botanical garden designs, leaf pattern and prints have embellished the fashion and interior design world of 2017 and continue into 2018.

A celebration of the revitalising outdoors and a symbol of refreshing new beginnings, the vibrant green associated with these patterned prints was Pantone’s Colour of the Year in 2017. This year, we will see the pattern foliage prints in cactus and forest greens morph into monochrome black and whites, and other bright tropical colours.

Fashion and Interior Design Leaf Pattern Trend

Last year, runways showcased jungle silhouette skirts, 80s style graphic leaf print jackets, over-scaled palm leaves dresses and stylised tropical leaf layer blouses.

These expressive tropical prints have now adorned our homes with fabulous, larger than life botanical wallpapers, exotic palm leaf wall art, and intricately detailed, tropical cushion and curtain fabric prints, as well as an abundance of verdant pot plants.

Fashion and Interior Design Leaf Pattern Trend in Interiors
Fashion and Interior Design Tropical Pattern Trend in Interiors

Blush Colour Trend

Soothing, balancing and reassuring, the blush colour appeared in both Dulux’s Colour of the Year in 2015 as ‘Copper Blush’ and as Pantone’s Colour of the Year in 2016 in a warm blend of ‘Rose Quartz and Serenity’, creating a hugely popular colour trend that has been very strong in the last two years and will continue for at least another year.

Said to offer us an escape from all our modern day stresses, this blush pink shade has offered us a connection to harmonious wellness and a soothing sense of peace and order, both within our fashions and home styling. Is it any wonder that there are whispers of the blushing colour palette gracing London Fashion Week catwalk again in 2018?

Fashion and Interior Design Blush Colour Trend in Fashion

The blush colour trend has made an exquisite mark on the fashion world, infusing with hints of romance, elegance and subtle femininity. It has inspired luxurious textures such as delicate silks, plush faux furs and indulgent satins, as well as garnished fashion items with beautiful rose bud detailing and rosy ruffles.

Individuals have welcomed this fresh palette into their homes, finding the powdery pastel shade has worked extremely well with their existing furniture (particularly enhancing their wooden pieces), and has combined perfectly with other pinks, neutrals, whites and orange hues, as well as metallic colours such as gold.

Fashion and Interior Design Blush Colour Trend in Interiors

Typography Trend

Making its debut into the fashion industry in the 80s, typography first appeared via designer and brand logos, but printing large ‘DKNY’ logos across T shirts etc soon became seen as tacky and went out of fashion.

In 2013, typography made a distinctive come back by displaying clear, visual statements of humour and irony on clothing. As these appeared more frequently on blogs, social media and in selfies, typography slowly made its way into our homes, creating a classic, timeless interior design trend.

In fashion, typography is a powerful communicator and channel of individual expression, whilst in interior design, it can enhance a room’s story and punctuate with personality.

Fashion and Interior Design Typography Trend in Fashion
Fashion and Interior Design Typography Trend in Interiors

This year we’ll see a return to hand-drawn typography and graffiti-style designs, big and bold texts, as well as bright, colourful and fun wording.

In the interior design space, we’ll see monochrome numbers and words, playful typography wallpaper and fabric prints in bright colours, graffiti-style wall art and snazzy, eye-catching wall lighting.

Fashion and Interior Design Trends 2018 Typography
Fashion and Interior Design Trends 2018 Lighting

If we can assist you with introducing these fashion and interior design trends into your home, please feel free to get in touch.