4 Centrepiece Ideas for Your October Half Term Entertaining

centrepiece ideas featuring standout painting and sofa


Half-term is here and the house is bustling with the glorious song of mayhem and children’s laughter. So how can you add that touch of fun to your home for the holiday and really ignite that sense of excitement for the kids? And, more importantly, how can you keep your sanity?

Our interior designers have a few fantastic ideas to make this half-term truly special in your home. Without having to dramatically change your interiors, you can make a few simple additions to your decor and make your home sparkle with conviviality.

Have a little look at these 4 centrepiece ideas and you’ll be well on your way to a home perfectly equipped for October Half Term entertaining…

1. Halloween

We’re late into October and Halloween is fast approaching. With ghoulish parties on the horizon, we would be remiss if we did not recommend that you add a touch of spooky enchantment to your home.

Get those craft tools out and start getting creative. There is no end to the eerie decorations that you can hide around each corner of your home!

From melting candles in glass bottles, apothecary-style sweetie jars, to spray painted twig wreaths and black flower arrangements. Centrepiece ideas would be to simply surround these with twinkling lights or wispy cobweb decor.

And let us not forget the mighty pumpkin. Take your carving technique to the next level with these fantastic tips. Get those wicked smiles twinkling back at you and your home with undoubtedly have a devilish air.


2. Displays – Pumpkins & Treats

October half-term calls for the home to be filled with the scent of freshly-baked goodies!

Cakes, brownies, cookies and other delights are the order of this season as we cuddle up at home – the ultimate of centrepiece ideas. So make a point of displaying your delicious treats on your kitchen counter and living room coffee table – and remember to present them with abundance!

Draw the eye towards this generously appetising offering with the rustic colours of autumn: deep reds, burnt yellows and bright oranges. No better way to make this dazzling visual impact than by surrounding your treats with mini pumpkins or radiant squashes.

Or opt for an exuberant bowl of dark berries, such as blackberries and blueberries, and wholesome brown nuts – a rich display of moody hues that capture the darker autumn nights.

Tasty treats with heavenly scents and eye-capturing, colourful displays – could there be a better way to welcome friends to your home and keep the children smiling?


3. Lighting

Now that the evenings have drawn in and the temperatures have dropped, autumn has called for us to cosy up around our fires with thick-knit blankets and our richly-textured cushions. And it is the perfect time to set the mood with atmospheric lighting – especially when you’re entertaining this October half-term.

So dot your home with autumnal candles and let their perfume permeate the rooms with their warmth. Get the fire roaring with chunky logs and create a fortress of magnificent, flickering candles around the fireplace. And scatter the entrance to your home with candles to welcome your guests to your party.

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4. Storage

Half-term brings many of your wonderful children’s little playmates to your doorstep, eager to shudder the home’s foundations with their fun frivolities and joy.

With them comes a sense of glorious disorder and clutter. Coats may be dumped in the hallway, shoes may be flung at the base of the stairs and trails of toys may soon resemble a never ending path to Neverland.

For this reason, we highly recommend that you prepare wisely with suitable storage options. Begin with the entrance hall and ensure that there is a designated space for all items: shoes, coats, dirty wellies, rucksacks etc.

For overnight guests, utilise the underbed storage, bedside tables and tote bags that can hang on the back of the door. Look here for inspiration.

And don’t forget to tidy those food cupboards – you’re going to need to stock up on all those favourite groceries!

If we can assist you in how to add seasonal decor to your interiors, please get in touch.