5 Decor Ideas for your Warm Autumn Furnishings

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Add that touch of magic to your home this autumn with our simple decor ideas and autumn furnishings!

As you watch beautiful nature transform before your eyes this season, the explosion of rustic colours all around you and the cooler temperatures urging you into your snuggly coat; you’ll notice that good-old autumn really has arrived.

This is a time to make your abode cosy, toasty and filled with warming colours – homebodies this season should simply be your heaven! So add wonderful autumn touches to your home and you’ll find yourself eager to celebrate the season (and perhaps excitedly jumping into a pile of autumn leaves)!

Here are 5 of our favourite decor ideas to bring some autumn charm into your home.

1. Rugs

Rugs make the best autumn furnishings – dot your home your soft rugs that make you feel relaxed, comforted and cosy.

Opt for a woven rug with a sumptuous texture or one of these gorgeous rugs made with soft scraps of leather fabric – modern yet lavish.

The Knitted Trend

If you haven’t yet heard of the ‘knitted trend’ (the modern wave in home decor), then you are in for a treat.

Rustic, homely and delightfully comfy; these knitted furnishings are rich in texture and have such wholesome depth in the fabric.

You can pick up knitted lights, knitted wallpaper, knitted chairs and so much more. At the very least, you want to ensure that you are equipped with a knitted rug (or two) this autumn.

autumn furnishings decor ideas blankets

2. Blankets

Couple the above knitted rug with an ultra-snug knitted blanket, and you’ll be spending many a quality evening cuddled up by your roaring fire this season. Blankets really are an essential element in your autumn furnishings collection.

And don’t be afraid of going extra thick with that knit in the blankets. As you can see from this Scandinavian style bedroom, the minimalist design lends itself very well to rustic furnishings and statement pieces that promise unadulterated comfort.

Notice how, by using a simple palette of whites and light greys, you can punctuate your interiors with colour in your accessories.

autumn furnishings cushions

3. Cushions

By also complementing your space with cushions, you can enhance the decor and make the room feel complete. Use this as an opportunity to add that punch of autumnal colour to your rooms with some robust oranges, russet reds and hearty yellows.

Continue the knitted theme through to your cushions or a luxurious woven fabric and the truly homely, comfy look will be complete with only a few simple, additional furnishings.

4. Curtains

Always keep your curtains neutral so that you can adapt the rest of your interiors to the seasons.

Opt for linen textures and soft-brush cotton – steer clear of shiny materials and lean more towards softer, cleaner fabrics. Avoid silks and curtains with a bold design and strong patterns.

Your aim is to create a neutral palette which you can then build colour and character around. And if you really want to, you can always add a splash of colour with curtain tie-backs to match your seasonal cushions.

autumn furnishings candle fireplace

5. Fireplaces

The fireplace is the hub of the home, especially as the evenings draw in and the air turns crisper. With its crackling fire and dancing display of orange flames, there is no better place to congregate on a chilly autumn night.

Keep your fireplace tidy and lay before it a bounty of cuddly rugs, cushions and sumptuous blankets.

Complete the warm, inviting look with soft lighting, casual furnishings and touches of comfort, such as a book (or dare we suggest a tray of hot chocolate?).

Display a bucolic basket filled with rustic logs, ready to be placed on the fire.

And draw the eye towards the fireplace with a collection of earthy candles, enhancing the autumn look and breathing life into the room.

Get in the autumn spirit and get creative with these decor ideas. Please feel free to get in touch if we can assist you in any way.