5 Dressing Room Tips to Get the Ultimate Glam Room Design

Whitelands dressing room open plan


Every lady has dreamt of having her own luxurious dressing room. That special sanctuary where she can retreat and transform herself into the glamorous goddess that she is.

But dressing room design is not as simple as one would think. There are many design details that need to be carefully considered in order to optimise a lady’s unadulterated enjoyment and hassle-free experience of her glorious glam room. Overlook these at your peril ladies!

Check out our 5 top tips to achieving the ultimate dressing room design.

1) It’s All in the Lighting

Have you ever tried to apply your makeup in deficient light? Then you’ll know; there is nothing more infuriating than attempting to create a masterpiece in dimly-lit surroundings.

When it comes to achieving that flawless makeup look, lighting is key.

We recommend:

– Locating your dressing table in front of a natural light source

– If no natural light source is available, then make sure you add spot lighting.

– Introduce a variety of light sources and achieve the perfect illumination in your dressing room.

Whitelands dressing room natural light window

2) Take Away the Hassle Ladies

Let’s get down to practicalities. Every hairdryer, straightener, curler and other deluxe beautifying tool needs access to an electrical socket.

And in your dreamy dressing room, you want to sit in front of your dressing table mirror as you perform your magical adornment. The last thing you want is to have to banish yourself to a lonely corner of the room just to dry your hair.

We recommend:

– Locating your dressing table near to electrical sockets.

– Ensure that there are plenty of sockets to host your equipment, as a lady will always need a few!

Ruby House luxury dressing room

3) Your Oasis of Indulgence and Relaxation

Your dressing room is designed to be your oasis of beauty. It is your sanctuary, the perfect place to have undisturbed you-time.

As such, the dressing room itself should be completely exquisite – a special place that inspires the beauty in you. The interiors therefore should be lavish, luxurious and indulgent.

We recommend:

– Decorate your dressing room with sumptuous fabrics and plush cushions which provide the utmost in comfort. Every detail of the interiors you choose should be aimed at making you feel pampered and celebrated.

– In choosing your colour palette – opt for soft, light shades to create an ambience of relaxation and to keep the room elegant and feminine.

Whitelands roses dressing room table

4) Banish the Clutter!

Clutter is the arch enemy of the dressing room.

A constant threat to the elegance, serenity and sanctity of your glam room; there are a number of ways that you can keep this intruder at bay.

The key is to make superb storage your ally and to keep your surfaces free.

We recommend:

– Utilise the drawers in your dressing table and tuck away your makeup and hair accessories. This will reduce the risk of that eye shadow dropping on the carpet or you losing that one lipstick you know would be the perfect touch for your outfit.

– Store away your little trinkets into organised drawers and keep your jewellery in an elegant jewellery box.

– Select a wardrobe that maximises your storage space and keep it organised so that every item has its rightful home. You can even place labelled boxes on the shelves to optimise the space.

Whitelands declutter jewellery box dressing room table

5) A Final Touch for the Ultimate Dressing Room

Gracing your dressing room with additional seating is both practical and can set a seriously stylish scene.

Imagine a luxurious chaise lounge for your husband or friends to sit upon with a pre-dinner cocktail whilst you get ready. Or perhaps an elegant boudoir bench for you to perch upon as you decide which shoes work best.

We recommend:

– Consider the size of your dressing room and which additional seating would suit the space best. Be careful not to overcrowd as your abode is meant to be a haven of tranquillity, beauty and luxury.

If we can assist you with your dressing room design, please feel free to get in touch.