6 Ways to Achieve the Perfect Guest Bedroom

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Make your guests feel pampered, warmly welcome and completely at home by creating an exquisite guest bedroom.

Whilst guest bedrooms are not often used, they should not be forgotten, neglected or left unloved in the design process; at Alexander James we believe in making every room in the house a room to be proud of.

This is your chance to create your own boutique-hotel type bedroom, focussing on the utmost comfort of your guests. Remember, the most important thing is that friends and family feel serene, truly welcome and deeply comfortable – this is a space we want them to adore spending time in.

So invest some time and thought into the design of your guest bedroom and rest assured that this warmth will translate over to the enjoyment of your guest’s stay. If fact beware, you may find yourself with regular visitors!

Here are our top 6 tips to help you in your design process:-

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1. Match It Up

Avoid: Collecting odd pieces of furniture from the rest of the house and trying to make them ‘fit’ in the guest bedroom. This sends a message that you haven’t thought about the design process, making guests feel unwanted and neglected.

Tip: Create a sense of balance in the bedroom by matching the furniture; bedside tables, lamps, headboards, cushions covers, colour schemes, fabrics and more.

Alexander James Interiors Guest Bedroom Ruby House

2. Beautiful Bedding

Avoid: Economising on the quality of the bed sheets. Nothing feels better for a guest than slipping into a beautifully-made bed layered with exquisite sheets, cushions and throws. The richer the quality, the more pleasurable their night’s sleep will be.

Tip: Opt for high thread count bed sheets, bought from a trusted, quality brand. If you buy real quality, they will last for years. Dress the guest bed with sumptuous throws and cushions – the rich tactile sensations will make your guests feel as though they are sleeping in the bed of a King/Queen!

Alexander James Interiors Guest Bedroom Trinity House

3. Revitalise with Colour

Avoid: The misconception that this needs to be a huge project and that you need to redecorate the entire space (leading to great expense).

Tip: Reinvigorate the guest room by adding a feature wallpaper behind the headboard. Not only does this introduce a new dimension of colour and texture to the interiors but it also adds a pop of personality! We recommend Andrew Martin feature wallpaper.

Alexander James Interiors Guest Bedroom Crown Wood

4. Optical Illusion Extensions

Avoid: Furnishing a small guest bedroom with too many items. Don’t flood the space as that will make it feel cramped.

Tip: Make a small guest bedroom feel larger by using high headboards and mirror panel. Both options will create an illusion of height and space, extending the room so it feels more spacious for your guests.

5. Bring Personality 

Avoid: Keeping the interiors of your guest bedroom plain – this will just create a bland, boring, characterless space that may even feel a little sterile and cold.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to inject some of your own personality into the guest room. Add a little style of your own; take the opportunity to showcase your interests and hobbies so that your guests can share in your passions with you.

Have fun with showcasing charismatic artwork in the guest room; you aren’t obligated to solely display family photographs!

Alexander James Interiors Guest Bedroom Oakridge

6. Time to Daydream

Avoid: Not going the extra mile in designing your guest bedroom.

Tip: Take yourself back to all your favourite hotel getaways. Can you remember what little touches made your stay so special?

A few of our favourite hospitality include:-

–  Fluffy white robes and towels hung on the wall or baskets at the end of the bed to give a boutique hotel feel

–  Fresh flowers blooming beside the bed

–  Display of magazines to read

–  Welcome chocolate on the pillow

–  Beautifully fragranced candles or diffusers (ideally lavender scented for a tranquil bedroom)

–  Quality toiletries for guest’s use

Whitelands roses dressing room table

If we can assist you in designing your perfect guest bedroom, please feel free to get in touch.