8 Top Reasons to Use an Interior Design Company

interior design company dining area


If you haven’t considered hiring an interior design company yet, then now is the time to!

You’ve invested money into your property and now it’s time to give it the ‘wow’ factor. Let’s be honest, you deserve for your home to be showcased in its best possible light. Not just that, but you want to save time, money (which can easily be wasted if you aren’t sure how to piece interiors together) and avoid a whole world of confusion, don’t you?

Then heed our recommendation and hire a superb interior designer who will bring your vision to life and will make your design experience inspiring, creatively rewarding and stress-free.

These are just 8 of our main reasons to hire an excellent interior design company:-

An Interior Design Company…

1) Takes Away the Hassle

Managing a team of decorators, builders and other tradesman can be extremely challenging. Coordinating logistics and overseeing quality-control can induce a nasty headache and, quite frankly, can ruin one’s entire interior design experience.

Here at Alexander James Interiors, we offer premium design services, but that’s not all. We also excel in project management, dealing with the trades and subcontractors for you, so that you can enjoy the creative process and watch your vision unfold with ease.

Likewise, if any of our client’s prefer to project manage then we are delighted to let them take the lead and are always on hand to help.

2) Ensures Your Project Finishes on Time

If you have a set move in date, or date by which your project must be completed, then we highly recommend outsourcing your project management to an interior design company.

By allowing us to manage the project on your behalf, we can oversee the program of work and ensure that timeframes are militantly met. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver projects on time – it’s what we are good at!

interior design company living room

3) Adds Your Style and Brings Your Vision to Life

A designer takes your vision and develops it into something incredible. They bring your idyllic dream to life, whilst also considering all the finer details such as space planning.

At Alexander James Interiors, we listen to your wishes, ideas and aspirations for your home.

“We listen, we design, we show.”

We have the experience, training and creativity to craft solutions that may never have been imagined. We balance our client’s lifestyle and desired mood for the space, with structural planning so that every tiny detail is considered and our client’s vision is realised without fault.

4) Finds the Best Furniture for You

An important part of the home design process is spatial planning; positioning of furniture is key to utilising the space that you have. An empty space can feel daunting initially, and key pieces will frame the space, creating zones within the room.

This is especially effective in the large open plan kitchen/living rooms, where the room is divided subtly. The designer can also assess the scale of the furniture to make sure that the proportion is right, as often the wrong size furniture can get lost in the overall setting.

5) Access to More Resources

Good interior design companies have spent a great deal of time in the industry cultivating relationships with vendors, trusted artisans and will have access to an extensive library of suppliers.

Here at Alexander James Interiors, we have years of experience working and building relationships with our trusted suppliers, know exactly which are reliable and can provide the quality that you expect.

6) Offers a Fresh Perspective on the Space

Quite often, if you are decorating your own home, the process of choosing colours can be both difficult and expensive. Home owners are often perplexed with what colours will work together, and buying the wrong paint can be an expensive mistake.

If you work with an interior design company, you’ll be surprised by how they can match a variety of colours and tones to achieve different moods, and they’ll often pair colours together which you would never have expected to work.

interior design company chandelier

7) Adds Those Little Touches of ‘Wow’

Aside from choosing the right furniture, interior designers will also help by sourcing the right accessories to work perfectly with your scheme.

Don’t forget, we’ve been doing it for years and know what will work with your style. We know how to ‘wow’!

8) Turn Your Home into a Story

Interior design in not just about the latest design trends, exquisite fabrics and sublime colour combinations. It’s about you and what story you would like your home to tell.

We take our time to get to know our clients and who they are – you are the most important person.

We learn your likes and dislikes, what inspires you and why you have the creative vision that you have. We then work magic to make your home an outward expression of your personality.

There are so many advantages to hiring an interior designer to help you bring your home to life, and what you pay will be worth it when you see the end result. You will love your home for a long time, because it is exactly what you want, and your property will have a greater monetary value should you decide to sell in the future.

Please feel free to get in touch if you think we could help you.