Aubergine & Gold Interior Design – 6 Top Tips

gold interior design gold art and living room


By now you will have heard of the 2016 gold interior design craze that has every en-vogue home shimmering with dazzlement. Refined, grand and luxurious: we are happy to say that this trend is showing no signs of going out of fashion anytime soon.

So how can you get the look?

Utilising gold accents in your decor certainly adds a touch of glitz and glamour to your interiors, however it’s important to ensure that you don’t overdo it or it can look brash and cheap.

Here we have put together our 5 top tips so that you can introduce this classy gold interior design look to your home with elegance and splendour.

1. Aubergine and Gold

The colours of aubergine and gold are a marriage made in heaven. Where gold can feel rather cold and sterile if coupled with chrome, silver or grey for example; combined with the colour aubergine, it has the opposite effect. It adds immense warmth to a scheme and injects it with jovial vibrancy.

As you can see from the below image, if the lamps were chrome, the room would have an entirely different and much colder feel, whereas the deeper aubergine hues make this dining room very welcoming and soft with the gold.


Using aubergine as the main feature colour is ideal as this colour is not overpowering and sets an overall scene of ebullient gaiety. It is a luxurious purple that really does come to life with sumptuous effect! If you then accent with gold, you will transform your space into a fashionable and regal abode.

This is a rich colour palette with sophistication – perfect for warming the home as we move from autumn into those cooler winter months.

Our interior designers recommend 2 particular shades of aubergine paints that work extremely well in achieving the aubergine gold interior design look, particularly if used to accent walls and then accessorise with a rich gold:-
1. Deep Purple by Dulux
2. Pelt by Farrow & Ball

2. Cushions

Adding cushions to your rooms is one of the easiest ways to keep your interiors seasonal and en-trend. They are quickly changeable and can be updated often and cost-effectively.

Whether it be adding texture to your decor, such as the knit-style (also in fashion this autumnal season), or by punctuating a space with colour. In this case, it offers us the perfect opportunity to introduce the aubergine and gold interior design style to our space.

Accent with both gold and aubergine cushions, enhance with a feature wall painted in aubergine (see above for our recommended shades) and continue the theme throughout your space with gold/aubergine accessories.

Our interior designers recommend:-
1. Juno Cushion by Zinc Textile
2. Penthouse Cushion by Zinc Textile

Gold interior design cushions

3. Accessories

Utilising colour in your accessories brings the theatre of your interiors alive; filling your eyes with a perfectly balanced spectrum of colour and having each element make its own statement of style.

Incorporate your chosen colour scheme into the cushions, flowers and furniture. Think about your coffee table, plant pots, candles, incense holder and so on – each accessory plays an important role in the overall look.

Our interior designers recommend:-
1. Large Salperton Lamp by Porta Romana
2. Flynn Caged Lamp by Porta Romana

gold interior design living room

4. Furniture

Make bold statements with your furniture! Be audacious in your selection and commit to a heroic gold item that resolutely shouts ‘gold interior design trend’.

Offset as discussed previously with warmer, refined shades of aubergine, you will showcase these courageous gold pieces of furniture in the best possible way and your guests will be in bedazzled awe of your wild interior design skills.

gold interior design gold furniture

Or as per below for example with these gallant purple chairs, balanced with the very elegant gold hues in the piano, wall stand, lamp and curtains.

gold interior design piano purple seats

5. Artwork

An exquisite way to tell the tale of majestic gold interior design…


And there is no end to how sensational this art can be. Rich in their explosion of this glorious shade of colour, they offer an opportunity to make a proud statement to the resplendent glamour of gold.

gold interior design gold art

The use of artwork in the below image is less daring and more calming. It creates an uncontrived elegance which adds so much to the scheme in these interiors.

gold interior design elegant gold art

6. Flower Arrangements

And lastly, arranging your flowers in keeping with this warm aubergine and gold theme is a marvellous way to add an exciting edge to the look.

The timeless tones of gold are heralded here with those deep hues of purple in the flower arrangement – elegant, tasteful and genteel.

gold interior design flower arrangement

If we can assist you in introducing this aubergine and gold interior design trend to your interiors, please feel free to get in touch.