Bedroom Makeover – 5 Ways to Transform Your Haven

cosy and rustic bedroom with framed pictures and candles


Much-underestimated is the importance of a beautiful bedroom in one’s home. With the hectic, fast-paced nature of our modern lives, the bedroom is our sanctuary. And every now and then, our special sanctuary deserves a refresh; a deluxe bedroom makeover!

Imagine now that your bedroom is what it should be; a place where you can retreat, let go and feel completely nurtured and at peace. How do you envisage that space? What would you change in your bedroom interiors?

Well if you need a little inspiration, have a read of what our interior designers recommend as the 5 ways to get the ultimate bedroom makeover – simply, easily, affordably and with minimal effort.

Remember, this is where you spend one-third of your life (rejuvenating you to feel optimal health, happiness and exuberance in life).

1. Brand-New Bedsheets

The focal point of your bedroom-haven is your bed. Your bed should be the throne in your holy realm of bedroom bliss.

You can of course invest in a sumptuous new mattress and sink into heaven, but for far less-a-price, you can transform your bed by treating yourself to new bedsheets.

Bedsheets should be luxurious, lusciously soft and unashamedly indulgent. For this reason you should only ever opt for the finest quality. Go for the highest thread count and you will float away on soft-satin clouds.

Only ever purchase from a trusted, quality brand, as 800-thread-count sheets from a cheap brand are equivalent to 200-thread-count sheets from a premium brand (and the latter will last for years and years to come).

We recommend The White Company’s Egyptian Cotton bedsheets – renowned for their super-fine, soft sheets and deluxe quality.

Furthermore, bedsheets offer a fantastic opportunity to add colour, a pattern or a neutral palette of white to your bedroom interiors – the perfect start to your bedroom makeover.

bedroom makeover bed sheets

2. Cushions and Throws

Bring texture, colour and body to your bedroom with new cushions and throws – another super way to transform your bedroom decor with little effort and maximum impact.

Introduce layers of lavish tactile-sensation with some textured-knit cushion covers, faux-fur throws, hand-quilted bedspreads and more. Make your bedroom makeover about heightening that sense of cosiness and comfort in your space.

By changing your style of throw, you can totally revitalise the look of your bedroom – swap faux fur for a bedspread pattern. Likewise, by doing something as simple as repositioning your cushions and propping them up in a new way, you give the room a fresh look.

bedroom makeover throws

3. Bedside Lamps

Lamps are imperative to creating the right mood in your bedroom and offer another fantastic bedroom makeover opportunity to shake up your current look. Overhead lighting is practical but lamps offer a peaceful ambience, so opt for lamps, ideally with a dimmable function.

Bedside lamps come in so many different shapes and styles, and could be seen as the artistic nod to your bedroom makeover. Think about the selection of lampshade fabrics you could use: lavish velvets, patterned cottons and soft satins and silks (each in a variety of rich colours). And the endless options of shape: tapering cube, tapering fez, low hat and more.

By changing just the lampshade, you can transform a decor style from old-fashioned to contemporary or from chic to quirky. We recommend the British brand Porta Romana for their unique designs and artisanal craftsmanship.

bedroom makeover lamps

4. Accent Colour

One of the quickest ways to give your bedroom an entirely new feel is by painting an accent wall with a new colour. Done well, it can transform your bedroom from a stale-old-boot to a shiny-new Cinderella slipper.

Remember to follow this accent colour through in your bedroom accessories: cushions, throws, lampshades and more – this will bring the interiors together and create a harmonious, complete look.

And if you really aren’t sure what colour to pick, have a look at this survey which tells an interesting story about how colour relates affects your bedroom activities (apparently those with blue bedrooms have a better night’s sleep).


5. New Scents

Often overlooked as a significant element in interior design, scent can make a tremendous difference to one’s experience in a space. So update your diffuser and candles with scents that make you love being in your bedroom and induce a sense of relaxation and serenity – the simplest, easiest bedroom makeover you can do.

And don’t forget to match your scents with the seasons. Think warm, cosy perfumes for winter e.g. gingerbread, cinnamon and fresh, buoyant perfumes for the summer e.g. lemon, spearmint. We recommend Arran Aromatics for their premium quality candles and diffusers.

bedroom makeover candle

If we can assist you in updating your bedroom interiors, please feel free to get in touch.