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16 Jan 2018

Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 – 5 Ways to Get the Ultra Violet Look

PANTONE COLOUR OF THE YEAR 2018 - 5 WAYS TO GET THE ULTRA VIOLET LOOK As the year drew to an end in 2017, we waited excitedly for the Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 to be unveiled, the visionary colour that would shape interiors and designers across the globe. So much more than just a trendsetting shade, the Pantone Colour of the Year is a mode to convey a message and to inspire - a reflection on our world [...]
04 Jan 2018
Refresh Your Home for the New Year

10 Easy Tips to Refresh Your Home for the New Year

10 EASY TIPS TO REFRESH YOUR HOME FOR THE NEW YEAR Have you been hooked by that exciting sentiment brought by the new year to embark on positive change in one’s life? Well, transforming your surroundings and refreshing your home for the new year can be incredibly symbolic in supporting any change you wish to implement. The fascinating environmental psychology theorem of ‘place attachment’ demonstrates how strong the bond is between a person and their environment, meaning that adapting or [...]
20 Dec 2017
Christmas Dining Table Decorations

12 Christmas Dining Table Decorations – Add Style to Your Festive Feasts!

12 CHRISTMAS DINING TABLE DECORATIONS - ADD STYLE TO YOUR FESTIVE FEASTS The dining table sits at the very heart of the Christmas spirit, bringing family and friends together to share in an abundant feast of indulgent food, wine, laughter and merriment! Christmas dining table decorations therefore should brim with stylish flair, setting the scene for your guests and igniting that spark of festive fun in all. Whether you have opted for the classically traditional Christmas look, a warmly rustic, [...]
11 Dec 2017
Metallic Trend Christmas Decor

2017 Metallic Trend: 10 Ways to Add Shimmer to Your Christmas Decor

2017 METALLIC TREND: 10 WAYS TO ADD SHIMMER TO YOUR CHRISTMAS DECOR The sophisticated metallic trend has been one of the hottest interior design styles in 2017, set to continue into 2018. From shimmering metallic wallpapers to foil jersey fabric, from molten metallic decorative pieces to super shiny accessories, from high gloss hammered metals to industrial style finishes. It’s even proliferated the fashion show catwalks with rocket man outfits, electric flash disco looks and glamorous 1970's drama queen designs. Indeed, [...]
27 Nov 2017
Tropical Christmas Tree Decoration Parrot

The 2017 Tropical Christmas Trend: 8 Decor Tips to Get the Look

THE 2017 TROPICAL CHRISTMAS TREND: 8 DECOR TIPS TO GET THE LOOK The Tropical Christmas 2017 Interior Decor Trend has brought a touch of sunshine and a twist of fun to our festive interiors this year, inducing many with jaw dropping expressions of surprise which slowly morph into a big smile of intrigue. And why not? Pineapples, tropical jungles and palm tree prints have steadfastly been in interior design vogue throughout 2017, offering a sophisticated twist for our Autumn Winter [...]
13 Nov 2017
Hygge products bath

8 Essential Hygge Products – give your home a Hygge!

8 ESSENTIAL HYGGE PRODUCTS - GIVE YOUR HOME A HYGGE! You’ve heard about the seductive notion of Hygge and you’re dreaming of ways to create this sanctuary in your own life with a few fundamental Hygge products. But where do you start looking and what exactly is Hygge? A word which defies any literal translation, the alluring Danish concept of ‘Hoo-Gah’ is most easily explained to be:- “The absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming; taking pleasure from the presence [...]
30 Oct 2017
Halloween Decor Ideas Blackbird Books

13 Stunning Halloween Decor Ideas to Inspire You

13 STUNNING HALLOWEEN DECOR IDEAS TO INSPIRE YOU Looking for Halloween decor inspiration? Look no further! Halloween brings excitement to the stunning season of autumn, adding that eerie undertone to a time when nature is abundant with spell-binding colours, crisp mornings filled with vitality and vibrant produce promising our homely favourites: apples, squash, pears, sweet potatoes and, of course, the mighty pumpkin. This is the time to transform your home into a celebration of this magnificent season and unleash some [...]
12 Oct 2017
Sunseeker Luxury Yacht

Alexander James Interior Design Venture into Luxury Yacht Interiors

ALEXANDER JAMES INTERIOR DESIGN VENTURE INTO LUXURY YACHT INTERIORS Alexander James Interior Design were delighted to be commissioned by the sensational Sunseeker Yachts brand to dress and style the luxury yacht interiors of their most elite models, ready for showcasing at this year’s most prestigious yachting events. Sunseeker - A Global Luxury Yacht Brand A member of The Luxury Network UK, Sunseeker is an award-winning, British luxury motor yacht manufacturer, world-renowned for their innovative designs and understanding of what customers truly [...]
02 Oct 2017
Autumn Interior Design Trends 2017 Plush Patterned Fabrics

6 Autumn Interior Design Trends 2017 – Our Creative Director Reveals All

6 AUTUMN INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS 2017 - OUR CREATIVE DIRECTOR REVEALS ALL The nights are drawing in, warm russet hues are rippling through our green outdoors and a refreshing crispness has returned to the air; autumn is here! Once again, it is time to celebrate this spectacular season in our homes by seeing what the autumn interior design trends 2017 can offer. We spoke to our Creative Director Stacey Sibley to hear her expert insights into the latest autumn design [...]
18 Sep 2017
Country Home Decor Modern Rustic Surrey Barn

8 Essential Tips to Perfecting Your Country Home Decor

8 ESSENTIAL TIPS TO PERFECTING YOUR COUNTRY HOME DECOR Country home decor is about blending the traditional, rustic charm of your countryside location with contemporary finesse to create a peaceful, welcoming environment in which you feel completely at home and utterly comforted. So how do you achieve the ultimate country home design? Here our designers share their favourite tips and tricks to help you get the look. 1. A Timeless Colour Combination Tip: The classic combination of crisp blue and [...]
04 Sep 2017
Interior Design Art Hatton Wall Bedroom

Interior Design Art: 6 Tips to Pick the Perfect Artwork for Your Interiors

INTERIOR DESIGN ART: 6 TIPS TO PICK THE PERFECT ARTWORK FOR YOUR INTERIORS Don’t make the mistake of treating interior design art as an ‘afterthought’ within your design process. Artwork plays a key role and should be considered during creative conceptualisation stage. Not only does artwork provide an instant colour palette, but it can also add a perception of texture, create a strong visual impact and bring a sense of completion to a design. So how do you pick the [...]
21 Aug 2017
Contemporary Interior Design Woodrow Living Room

15 Inspiring Examples of Contemporary Interior Design

15 INSPIRING EXAMPLES OF CONTEMPORARY INTERIOR DESIGN Many believe that contemporary interior design is all about achieving the ultra-minimalist look, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Contemporary interior design is about creating an environment of comfort and simplicity; uncluttered, fresh and subtly sophisticated. It showcases the beauty of space, clean lines and uncomplicated clarity. In this stunning style, neutrals, grey, black and white colour schemes reign (often accented with bold colour), as does the use of clean, smooth lines and [...]
07 Aug 2017
living room furniture ideas city apartment

15 Living Room Furniture Ideas to Complete your Stunning Design

15 LIVING ROOM FURNITURE IDEAS TO COMPLETE YOUR STUNNING DESIGN Searching for inspiration to create your dream living room design? Pick the right furniture and you’re halfway there to achieving the perfect look! Here our designers share their top 15 living room furniture ideas to spark your creativity. 1. Striking Statement Chairs Use a statement chair to create a striking impact within your design. Place a single chair in a contrasting colour to the other lounge seating, powerfully punctuating with [...]
21 Jul 2017
Luxury Kitchen Design Lida Cucina

10 Examples of Luxury Kitchen Design to Inspire You

10 EXAMPLES OF LUXURY KITCHEN DESIGN TO INSPIRE YOU In today’s glorious modern world, life revolves around the kitchen. Whether you’re cooking a lazy Sunday brunch for the family, enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner, or putting your Masterchef skills to the test, a luxury kitchen design should be tailored to suit your particular lifestyle. At Alexander James Interiors, we model and plan luxury kitchen designs to match our client’s vision, enhancing their desired kitchen lifestyle experience and reinforcing the property’s [...]
10 Jul 2017
pet friendly interiors luxury home

10 Vital Tips for Pet Friendly Interior Design Success

10 VITAL TIPS FOR PET FRIENDLY INTERIOR DESIGN SUCCESS That little puppy or kitten took one look at you with their big, doey eyes and you just melted. Needless to say, your magnificent abode of pristine interiors will soon welcome a new bundle of sprightly life into its fold. So what are the secrets to pet friendly interior design? How do you transform your home into that perfect sanctuary for your four-legged friend whilst keeping those stylish interiors shimmeringly polished? [...]
26 Jun 2017
Luxury Interior Design Whitelands Black Spa

20 Showstopping Examples of Luxury Interior Design

20 SHOWSTOPPING EXAMPLES OF LUXURY INTERIOR DESIGN Climb aboard and let Alexander James Interiors whisk you away to interior design nirvana. We’re proud to have worked on a range of extraordinary projects which have truly taken luxury interior design to heady heights; from grand London chapel conversions, to striking Grade II listed stately home mansions, to prestigious Wentworth Estate family homes and more. Here we share a flavour of our favourite projects, heralding the beauty of unadulterated opulence - may [...]
12 Jun 2017
pet friendly interiors luxury home

Style Your Bedroom: 10 Easy Tips to Master Bedroom Interior Design

STYLE YOUR BEDROOM: 10 EASY TIPS TO MASTER BEDROOM INTERIOR DESIGN Do you know the difference between a showstopping bedroom interior design and an average one? Detail. Every single element in your design must synthesise with the rest of the design concept and harmonise to create its own magnificent symphony. Here we share a few tricks to really elevate your bedroom interiors to new heights and help you style your bedroom to ‘wow’. Tick these 10 tips off your list [...]
30 May 2017
Landmark Place Interior design London View

Top 5 Interior Design London Projects You’ll Just Love

TOP 5 INTERIOR DESIGN LONDON PROJECTS YOU'LL JUST LOVE At Alexander James Interiors, we love working on projects in the heart of the capital. London properties vary enormously in style, presenting an exciting challenge within all interior design London projects and a real opportunity to be adventurous in the design. The architecture and history of the London property plays such an important role in the design process. For example, our majestic London Chapel Conversion called for opulent, elegant interiors to augment [...]
15 May 2017
Garden interior design Garden design Crown Wood terrace

8 Garden Interior Design Tips – Perfect Your Garden Design This Summer

8 GARDEN INTERIOR DESIGN TIPS - PERFECT YOUR GARDEN DESIGN THIS SUMMER A magnificent garden design makes a property come alive. Interior design is not just about creating a stunning interior for the house, rather it’s about creating a holistic picture and complete style for the entire property; the exterior areas of the property play an essential role in that. We’ve put together 8 top garden interior design tips to help you perfect your garden design this summer, so you can [...]
02 May 2017
Stacey Sibley And The Dogs Alexander james Interiors

Get to Know Our Creative Director: An Interview with Stacey Sibley

GET TO KNOW OUR CREATIVE DIRECTOR: AN INTERVIEW WITH STACEY SIBLEY We sat down with our Creative Director and dog lover, Stacey Sibley, to find out more about the lady behind the designs. 1. What inspired you to pursue a career in interior design? I’ve always been very creative. From a very early age I dreamed of being a fashion designer but as I grew up I realised that working in fashion wouldn’t be the right career for me. During my [...]
10 Apr 2017
Home staging Alexander James Interiors Oakridge sofa

Ultimate Guide to Home Staging: 12 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

ULTIMATE GUIDE TO HOME STAGING: 12 TIPS TO SELL YOUR HOME FAST “Wow. Where do I sign?”. Those are the words you want to hear as potential buyers walk into your home. And there’s no reason that they shouldn’t. If you follow every one of our 12 tips to sell your home then you’ll be home staging your way to a rapid sale. 1. Be impartial This is the hardest step. You must step back from the home that you’ve lived [...]
03 Apr 2017
Alexander James Interiors Guest Bedroom Birchley

6 Ways to Achieve the Perfect Guest Bedroom

6 WAYS TO ACHIEVE THE PERFECT GUEST BEDROOM Make your guests feel pampered, warmly welcome and completely at home by creating an exquisite guest bedroom. Whilst guest bedrooms are not often used, they should not be forgotten, neglected or left unloved in the design process; at Alexander James we believe in making every room in the house a room to be proud of. This is your chance to create your own boutique-hotel type bedroom, focussing on the utmost comfort of [...]
20 Mar 2017

3 Essential Spring Scents to Transform Your House into a Home

3 ESSENTIAL SPRING SCENTS TO TRANSFORM YOUR HOUSE INTO A HOME Nature is bursting back into life, bringing with it a multitude of exquisite spring delights and, of course, those glorious spring scents! The birds are singing their merry songs, the vivid yellow daffodils and blossoming bluebells are brightening our paths at every turn and the sun is beginning to tingle warmly on our skin - winter is long gone. With the arrival of spring comes the sweet scent of [...]
06 Mar 2017
The Scarlet Hotel Cornwall rock pool

Our Designer Recommends… The Scarlet Hotel, Cornwall

OUR DESIGNER RECOMMENDS... THE SCARLET HOTEL, CORNWALL We spoke to one of our designers, Natalie about her favourite luxury eco hotel - The Scarlet, in Mawgan Porth, Cornwall. The Scarlet is Cornwall’s finest eco, adults-only hotel. The hotel embraces its stunning situation overlooking the North Cornish Coastline, having been built to the highest eco standards. It offers delicious, locally sourced food and a unique Ayurvedic inspired Spa experience, focusing on holistic wellbeing and the nourishment of the mind, body and [...]
28 Feb 2017
Langton Alexander James Interiors rose display floral interior design

Floral Interior Design: Meet Our Florist, Lisa at AJI

FLORAL INTERIOR DESIGN: MEET OUR FLORIST, LISA AT AJI Like painting a masterpiece, every colour, texture and shape must be considered; each stunning in their own right and yet working harmoniously with every other element to create something magnificent. Floral displays play an integral role in completing the perfect interior design picture, and that’s why we at Alexander James Interiors picked the best florist we know; Lisa. We sat down with Lisa to chat about her impressive floral interior design [...]
03 Feb 2017
Whitelands Alexander James Interiors Champagne

Valentine’s Day Decor – 5 Ways to Add Romance to Your Rooms

VALENTINE'S DAY DECOR - 5 WAYS TO ADD ROMANCE TO YOUR ROOMS Give your home a touch of love this Valentine’s Day! This is the perfect time to introduce a glimmer of Valentine’s Day decor and bring romance into your home. You don’t need to spend the earth on this romantic decor, nor does this call for a major property makeover - rather it is an opportunity to spice up your interiors and add a little evocative sparkle! As our Creative [...]
25 Jan 2017
Whitelands dressing room open plan

5 Dressing Room Tips to Get the Ultimate Glam Room Design

5 DRESSING ROOM TIPS TO GET THE ULTIMATE GLAM ROOM DESIGN Every lady has dreamt of having her own luxurious dressing room. That special sanctuary where she can retreat and transform herself into the glamorous goddess that she is. But dressing room design is not as simple as one would think. There are many design details that need to be carefully considered in order to optimise a lady’s unadulterated enjoyment and hassle-free experience of her glorious glam room. Overlook these [...]
06 Dec 2016
soho farmhouse cotswolds

6 Reasons We Love Soho Farmhouse & Its Stunning Interiors

6 REASONS WE LOVE SOHO FARMHOUSE & ITS STUNNING INTERIORS Named ‘Peter Pan’ by Condé Nast Traveller for his ability to conjure Neverlands on earth, Nick Jones is the man responsible for Soho Farmhouse - part of the collection of 16 private member's clubs (or ‘Houses’) spread across the globe.  Renowned for his original, creative vision, each one of Jones’ masterpieces are unique and designed to transport its members to another world in which their creativity and entrepreneurial spirits shine. And [...]
02 Dec 2016
wooden kitchen utensils with embroidered writing

10 Fantastic Gifts for Kids You Didnt Know About

10 FANTASTIC GIFTS FOR KIDS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT With so many options out there, it’s hard to know what to get the little darlings in your life on those special birthdays and Christmases. Let us inspire you with a few of our favourite gifts for kids that we just know will bring sparkle to their eyes and a Cheshire-cat grin to their face! 1. Brussel Sprouts – the Sort They'd Love! Can you imagine their little face as they [...]
28 Nov 2016
gift wrapping ideas boxes

13 Seriously Stylish Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

13 SERIOUSLY STYLISH GIFT WRAPPING IDEAS FOR CHRISTMAS You’ve done it! You’ve bought all of your Christmas presents and they lay before you now in the room, piled high, waiting to be wrapped. This mountain of yet-to-be-wrapped, glorious gifts presents a daunting task, but you bear a secret smile; you’re going to make this the ultimate craft session. This is your chance to get seriously creative and celebrate these beautiful gifts with style! So we’re here to inspire you with [...]