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19 Jul 2019
Gold Leaf Luxury Table Lamp

14 Luxury Table Lamps to Create Spaces of Splendour

14 LUXURY TABLE LAMPS TO CREATE SPACES OF SPLENDOUR Give your home an exclusive, luxury look with designer table lamps. Helping you to accent boldly with colour, bring glamour and charisma to a scheme, and to infuse any room with a cool air of sophistication, luxury table lamps can be used in a variety of ways to achieve the style you want. Let us take you on a journey of inspiration through some of our favourite luxury table lamps, and [...]
24 May 2019

Why Scented Candles are a Must for Interior Design and 12 Aromas to Set the Mood

WHY SCENTED CANDLES ARE A MUST FOR INTERIOR DESIGN & 12 AROMAS TO SET THE MOOD When a candle is lit it changes the space around it in seconds. The whole atmosphere alters, and this occurs with all kinds of candles, from a humble well placed tealight to a luxury lighting piece. Scented candles add an extra dimension because aroma can also change the mood entirely. However, it’s not just how the candles look or smell - it’s how they [...]
02 May 2019
Luxury Homes Dining Room Decor

15 Luxury Dining Room Designs to Host Guests in Style

15 LUXURY DINING ROOM DESIGNS TO HOST GUESTS IN STYLE The importance of creating the perfect dining room design for your home cannot be underestimated. The dining room is where we share precious moments with family and friends and should set the scene for warm, joyful memory making. It is a place in which you can make everyone feel welcome and spoil them with a little luxury. Here we explore 15 of our favourite luxury dining room designs which encapsulate [...]
27 Mar 2019
Curtain Design Ideas Childrens Bedroom Luxury

14 Curtain Design Ideas and Luxury Curtain Fabrics You’ll Love

14 CURTAIN DESIGN IDEAS AND LUXURY CURTAIN FABRICS YOU'LL LOVE Luxury curtain fabric sets the stage of indulgence and beauty in any room and can be used to make a striking impact, accent with colour or simply to enhance the style you wish to create. We’ve collated 14 of our curtain design ideas to illustrate how you can use curtains to bring different schemes together and give them true allure. 1. Light Pendant Shimmer Layering a rich tapestry of luxurious [...]
19 Feb 2019
Spring Summer Trends 2019 Fashion Interiors Split Image

Spring Summer Trends 2019 (Bring The Latest Fashions Into Your Summer Home Decor)

SPRING SUMMER TRENDS 2019 (BRING THE LATEST FASHIONS INTO YOUR SUMMER HOME DECOR) Long have the catwalks influenced the world of interior design, with the hottest fashion designers coming together every year to set the blazing new trends. So what have this year’s fashion weeks hailed to be the spring summer trends of 2019? Let’s take a close look to see how we can bring them into our summer home decor. 1. Monochrome Neutrals It’s time to ‘be more beige’ [...]
05 Feb 2019
Maison Et Objet 2019 Logo

Maison Et Objet 2019: The New Interior Design Trends That Will Take 2019 by Storm!

MAISON ET OBJET 2019: THE NEW INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS THAT WILL TAKE 2019 BY STORM! Our designers have just returned from the world-renowned Maison Et Objet 2019 - the number 1 international authority for home decor, interior design and lifestyle trends. Showcasing the latest and most exciting design trends in their glorious Paris exhibit, Maison Et Objet 2019 has again inspired, ‘wowed’ and ignited fresh creativity for the year ahead. Let’s hear from our Creative Director Stacey Sibley what the [...]
22 Jan 2019
Luxury Home Lighting Chandelier Down Staircase

14 Examples of Luxury Home Lighting to Make You Swoon

14 EXAMPLES OF LUXURY HOME LIGHTING TO MAKE YOU SWOON The right touch of luxury lighting can elevate any home to new levels of beauty and sophistication, setting a scene of atmospheric refinement and making the property truly remarkable. Luxury home lighting is about enhancing the property with statements of luxury; in the intricate mood lighting spiralling up the staircase, in the soft-glow, hand-sculptured wall lighting and in the unique ceiling light which tells a luxurious story of the home’s [...]
09 Jan 2019
Luxury Cushion Design in Blue

14 Luxury Cushion Designs You’ll Fall in Love with in 2019

14 LUXURY CUSHION DESIGNS YOU'LL FALL IN LOVE WITH IN 2019 Cushions are a vital part of interior design, bringing personality to a space and enhancing any scheme to achieve the desired look. They can transform interiors, infusing with colour, texture and pattern, and they offer an easy, affordable way to dress a home for the season. That’s why it’s important that you choose your cushion designs very carefully, ensuring that you contrast or harmonise with the style, colour scheme [...]
07 Dec 2018
Art Deco Interior Trends 2019 Apartment in London

10 Interior Design Trends 2019 to Give Your Home a Refresh

10 INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS 2019 TO GIVE YOUR HOME A REFRESH The new year is already upon us and we’ve waited excitedly for the interior design trends of 2019 to be revealed. The new colours to orchestrate the tones of our palettes, the furniture styles to characterise our rooms and the fabrics to add tactile texture to our decor - but the wait is now over. Here we explore the interior trends of 2019 and how you might use them [...]
22 Oct 2018

Home Office Interiors to Impress: 13 Office Decor Ideas You’ll Love

HOME OFFICE INTERIORS TO IMPRESS: 13 OFFICE DECOR IDEAS YOU'LL LOVE Your home office interiors need to set the perfect scene for your working environment - an oasis in which you can focus, be creative and calmly take everything in your stride. Not only should your home office be well organised but it should also be stylish and vibrant. When you step into that room, you want to feel stimulated, motivated and excited! It is therefore vital that you carefully [...]
09 Oct 2018

13 Luxury Wallpaper Ideas to Transform Any Room into a Lavish Haven in 2018

13 LUXURY WALLPAPER IDEAS TO TRANSFORM AY ROOM INTO A LAVISH HAVEN IN 2018 Whether you want to make a bold statement or you simply wish to bring graceful elegance to a room, wallpaper is a powerful way to instantly transform a space and give it character. Our 13 luxury wallpaper ideas below show you how you can use this beautiful material to punctuate with colour, add evocative depth and infuse any design with a chosen style. Conjure a charming [...]
24 Sep 2018
Decorex 2018 Trends Living Room

Decorex 2018 London Design Festival: Our Designers Report on the Latest Trends!

DECOREX 2018 LONDON DESIGN FESTIVAL: OUR DESIGNERS REPORT ON THE LATEST TRENDS! Widely regarded as Europe’s leading interior design event, Decorex has a 40 year history of bringing the finest emerging and established brands in the luxury interiors market together to exhibit their latest work. It’s here you’ll see the latest trends come together in their most luxurious expressions, showcasing the perfect marriage between quality and vogue. The greatest interior design minds of the world have inspired these Decorex 2018 [...]
10 Sep 2018
Malibu beach house decor kitchen

10 Malibu Beach House Decor Tips to Get the Breezy, Luxury Look

10 MALIBU BEACH HOUSE DECOR TIPS TO GET THE BREEZY, LUXURY LOOK Evoking sounds of serene waves rhythmically ebbing on the shore and relaxing evenings watching the sunsets over the ocean, beach house interiors transport us to the blissful world of holidays and a carefree existence. Hike the level of luxury up a notch to some of the most exclusive beachfront real estate in the world, and we instantly think of deluxe Malibu beach homes. Here our designers recommend 10 [...]
28 Aug 2018
Back To School Decor Staircase Entrance

10 Back to School Decor Products to Refresh the Home in 2018

10 BACK TO SCHOOL DECOR PRODUCTS TO REFRESH THE HOME IN 2018 The kids are back to school any day now and it’s time to regain a sense of order in the home (as well as some sanity)! Giving your interiors a new lease of life will start this academic year off with a refreshing feeling of calm, as well as excited anticipation, ensuring that your home life is truly revitalised and ready for the next chapter. We’ve collated 10 [...]
13 Aug 2018
Autumn Decor 2018 Bedroom

11 Top Autumn Winter Interior Design Trends 2018 You’ll Love

11 TOP AUTUMN WINTER INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS 2018 YOU'LL LOVE Dress your home for the stunning seasons of autumn and winter and incorporate the latest interior design trends of 2018 to suit these gloriously cooler, crisper months. With sensational spoilers already emerging from the fashion catwalks and moodboards adapting the 2018 decor styles to celebrate the darker nights and magnificent bursts of colour outside, we can now reveal the 11 top autumn winter interior design trends of 2018. 1. Darker [...]
30 Jul 2018
Wooden Interiors Green Woodland

15 Stunning Wooden Decor Ideas: Wooden Interiors to Inspire You

15 STUNNING WOODEN DECOR IDEAS: WOODEN INTERIORS TO INSPIRE YOU Exquisitely versatile and abounding in natural beauty, wood can transform any interior design scheme into something truly remarkable. Whether you wish to add warmth to a monochrome palette, to bring organic softness to an industrial design or to create a dramatic focal point within a scheme, wooden interiors will adapt to achieve the look you want. Rustic or refined, dark or light, vintage or modern, traditional or eclectically cool, wooden [...]
12 Jul 2018

12 Opulent Interiors Worthy of A Footballer’s Crib: A Luxury Look at the World Cup

12 OPULENT INTERIORS WORTHY OF ANY FOOTBALLER'S CRIB: A LUXURY LOOK AT THE WORLD CUP With excited chatter of the World Club currently resounding through every WhatsApp group chat, pub, office and home across the globe, our daily lives are passionately absorbed by the glorious game of football. Not just the game, but the ostentatious lifestyles of these god-like footballers and their sensational cribs. Having had the privilege of designing the interiors for some of the most impressive luxury homes [...]
02 Jul 2018
Garden Furniture 2018 Trends - View from Balcony

Garden Furniture 2018 – Top 10 to Follow This Summer’s Garden Trends

GARDEN FURNITURE 2018 - TOP 10 TO FOLLOW THIS SUMMER'S GARDEN TRENDS In 2018, garden trends embrace alfresco dining, celebrate asymmetrical styling and champion vibrant colours. They inspire more outdoor living, adopt Japanese philosophies and pave the way for a ‘grow your own’ lifestyle. This is the year to welcome mindfulness into your outdoor living spaces, spend quality time with yourself and live a more wholesome life. We have compiled 10 of our favourite 2018 garden furniture pieces to help [...]
18 Jun 2018
Summer Interior Design Trends 2018

10 Summer Interior Design Trends 2018 – Style Your Home for the Season

10 SUMMER INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS 2018 - STYLE YOUR HOME FOR THE SEASON In 2018, summer interior design trends take a powerful turn away from the gentle pastels and calming neutrals of previous years, and stride towards brighter, bolder, more glamorous themes. This year, summer makes a strong statement in design, shaking things up and reinvigorating our homes with a new lease of characterful life. This is your chance to put aside your shyness and boldly express yourself within your [...]
04 Jun 2018
10 Examples of Georgian Interior Design - A Luxuriously Modern Take

10 Examples of Georgian Interior Design – A Luxuriously Modern Take

10 EXAMPLES OF GEORGIAN INTERIOR DESIGN - A LUXURIOUSLY MODERN TAKE Established during the Georgian period of 1714 - 1830 when four King Georges ruled consecutively in Britain, the Georgian interior design style and architecture is renowned for its timeless elegance and graceful grandeur. With exquisitely balanced proportions, harmonious symmetry and classical detailing, Georgian architecture is perfectly married to interiors of handsome beauty, modern-day luxury and contemporary styling. Famed for its purity and ordered appearance, Georgian interior design focuses on [...]
16 May 2018
Harry and Meghan Royal Interiors Bedroom

Harry and Meghan Royal Wedding: 12 Royal Interiors Fit for a New Princess

HARRY AND MEGHAN ROYAL WEDDING: 12 ROYAL INTERIORS FIT FOR A NEW PRINCESS On Saturday 19th May 2018, Harry and Meghan will be setting off to St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle for their dreamy royal wedding; a day eagerly-awaited and celebrated by us all in Britain and many across the globe. In honour of this very special day, and as a welcome to our new beautiful princess, we’ve put together a ‘storybook of royal interiors’ - a collection of [...]
08 May 2018
Restaurant Interior Design Bar

10 Examples of Stunning Restaurant Interior Design in London

10 EXAMPLES OF STUNNING RESTAURANT INTERIOR DESIGN IN LONDON Renowned for their unique and incredibly creative interiors, bar and restaurant interior design is a fabulous place for designers to seek inspiration and think outside the box. Whether it’s an other-worldly, underground aquarium dining experience, a candlelit medieval tavern or a minimalist spaceship-inspired dining hall with egg shaped seating, restaurant interior designers have been leading innovation in design across the world and influencing how we approach interior decor in hotels and [...]
23 Apr 2018
London Industrial Interior Design Style Living Area

8 Steps to Industrial Interior Design – Let Our Designers Inspire You

8 STEPS TO INDUSTRIAL INTERIOR DESIGN - LET OUR DESIGNERS INSPIRE YOU Born in the 70s when our British mills, factories and warehouses were closing down to make way for a modern era, the industrial interior design style began its life as an unexpected moment of creativity; as new residents moved into these vast open spaces, they left the exposed pipes, steel vaulted ceilings and cement floors as they were and styled their interiors around it. But it wasn’t until [...]
11 Apr 2018
Garden Room Design Conservatory

Garden Room Design to Inspire You – Our 6 Top Styling Tips

GARDEN ROOM DESIGN TO INSPIRE YOU - OUR 6 TOP STYLING TIPS Garden rooms offer us the perfect way to bring the revitalising outdoors in, celebrating the beauty of nature as it bursts back into life after those long dark winters. With a myriad of different garden room designs from which to fashion your dream outdoor-indoor oasis, it’s important to consider the overall look and style you want to achieve. Minimalist modern, creative eclectic, Scandinavian organic, farmhouse rustic? The style [...]
23 Mar 2018
Spring Home Decor

10 Spring Home Decor Ideas to Style Your Home for Easter

10 SPRING HOME DECOR IDEAS TO STYLE YOUR HOME FOR EASTER Celebrate the coming of Easter in style with these stunning spring home decor ideas. Spring is a time to blow away the cobwebs of winter and revitalise your interiors with bursts of colour, creativity and new life. We’ve put together 10 spring interior design tips to help you transition effortlessly into this beautiful new season. 1. Vibrant Yellows As the daffodils blossom into life around every corner and the [...]
23 Feb 2018
Fashion and Interior Design Trends 2018

London Fashion Week: 2018 Fashion and Interior Design Trends

LONDON FASHION WEEK: 2018 FASHION AND INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS From runway to hallway, fashion and interior design trends have long since been intertwined, and as our digital age has grown, so has the speed of congruence between the two industries. Where once interior designers may have taken inspiration from catwalks of the past, now they move with the latest, trend-setting runway collections, offering the world an opportunity to be part of these visionary movements simultaneously within their homes and their [...]
12 Feb 2018
Valentine's Day Decorations for Home Bed

Our Top 10 Valentine’s Day Decorations for the Home

OUR TOP 10 VALENTINES DAY DECORATIONS FOR THE HOME Infuse your interiors with a touch of romance this Valentine’s Day and inspire a warming sense of love throughout your home! This is the time to celebrate the special relationships you have in your life and to create the perfect atmosphere of appreciation and intimacy within your interiors. We’ve collated 10 of our favourite Valentine’s Day decorations for the home, all of which can be tastefully applied for a stylish twist [...]
29 Jan 2018
Maison&Objet 2018 Paris

Maison&Objet 2018: Our Creative Director Reveals the 2018 Design Trends

MAISON&OBJET 2018: OUR CREATIVE DIRECTOR REVEALS THE 2018 DESIGN TRENDS Regarded as one of the three most important interior design shows in Europe, Maison&Objet is an international authority for home décor, interior design, architecture, lifestyle culture and trends - a must-attend event held biannually in Paris. Visited recently by our Creative Director, Stacey Sibley reports that Maison&Objet 2018 has once again set the interior design community alight with intrigue and avant-garde inspiration, hosting a huge, spectacular show of innovation and [...]
16 Jan 2018

Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 – 5 Ways to Get the Ultra Violet Look

PANTONE COLOUR OF THE YEAR 2018 - 5 WAYS TO GET THE ULTRA VIOLET LOOK As the year drew to an end in 2017, we waited excitedly for the Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 to be unveiled, the visionary colour that would shape interiors and designers across the globe. So much more than just a trendsetting shade, the Pantone Colour of the Year is a mode to convey a message and to inspire - a reflection on our world [...]
04 Jan 2018
Refresh Your Home for the New Year

10 Easy Tips to Refresh Your Home for the New Year

10 EASY TIPS TO REFRESH YOUR HOME FOR THE NEW YEAR Have you been hooked by that exciting sentiment brought by the new year to embark on positive change in one’s life? Well, transforming your surroundings and refreshing your home for the new year can be incredibly symbolic in supporting any change you wish to implement. The fascinating environmental psychology theorem of ‘place attachment’ demonstrates how strong the bond is between a person and their environment, meaning that adapting or [...]