Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls

Here at AJI we pride ourselves on our styling, and we love the fun of dressing a client’s home for Christmas…But where to start?  I hear you ask.

When dressing a house for Christmas I always start with the existing interior and colour scheme in place. In modern, clean, neutral spaces I like to add the glamour with purple and silver and plenty of sparkles. In a country pile I like to embrace the rustic charm with traditional Nordic style.

When it comes to a tree you can’t beat the real thing, however not everyone has the space, so we like to use dried twigs or branches in a basket or vase. Thread LED floral lights through them and tie on some decorations and you have a very stylish mini tree that could also be used a centre piece on a large dining table.

Battery operated floral lights are brilliant for decorating any plain accessories in your home for an instant festive feel for a bargain price.
I’ve shown this idea off here with a rather plain twig heart and basket, adding in flower lights and silver sparkling twigs and a cute blackboard for guests to leave yuletide messages.

The rest of the ambience comes from antique votive candles, silver stars and a rustic lamp to make this entrance hall rather receptive indeed.