Decorex 2018 London Design Festival: Our Designers Report on the Latest Trends!

Decorex 2018 Trends Living Room


Widely regarded as Europe’s leading interior design event, Decorex has a 40 year history of bringing the finest emerging and established brands in the luxury interiors market together to exhibit their latest work. It’s here you’ll see the latest trends come together in their most luxurious expressions, showcasing the perfect marriage between quality and vogue.

The greatest interior design minds of the world have inspired these Decorex 2018 trends, paving the way for our designers to create exquisite interiors within our clients’ homes. So let’s hear from them about their visit this year and the 2018 trends that have inspired them!

1. Pop-Up Style

A trend currently taking the world by storm, pop-up shops and interactive pop-up museums / art exhibitions are now appearing everywhere, with top designers making their mark on the latest audacious display. You can see a few here.

These bold, bright installations provoke us to enter the room and enhance our synergy with the space.

“It’s this immersion with us as individuals and its ability to create a riveting narrative within the pop-up design that makes it truly exciting. Every element is carefully considered and has its part to play in the design story, with exuberant lighting and bright colours gripping from the outset.” AJI

Decorex 2018 Trends Pop Up Colours

2. Metallic Mixes

Decorex 2018 sees the metallic trend morph from a monogamous statement into a little bit more of a party! Where once you may have to choose between your metallic gold, silver or black for fear of them all clashing, now you can have them all without fear.

This year, we mix metallic within one scheme, incorporating the black metal, coppers, gold and silver into a single design for an ultra-stylish look.

“This daring mixture of metallics is a heroic celebration of these beautiful materials. The cool metallics offer that crisp, contemporary look, whilst the warm metallics give that seductive, glamorous feel; together they make an unique statement of inviting sophistication and a la mode charisma.” AJI

Decorex 2018 Trends Mixing Metallics Living Room Design

3. Block Colours

One of the most powerful ways to make an impact within your interiors, block colouring (pairing solid hues to create a single striking look) can be arresting in its beauty if balanced correctly. What may have started as a fashion craze some years ago is now back in the world of interior design in 2018/19.

“Not a time to be subtle with your choice of colours – be bold, and even unexpected, in your colour combinations. This graphic decor style demands you to be slightly playful, injecting your scheme with personality and dimension.” AJI

Decorex 2018 Trends Block Colours

4. Tropical Eccentricity

We are no stranger now to the tropical interior design trend which has been popular for two years now. Where before the urban jungle and botanical trend focused on bringing nature into the home, with lots of luscious green foliage and big leaf and floral prints, this year it takes on an entirely more unconventional dimension.

“An eccentric extension of the previous botanical trend, we will now see those tropical colours in digital prints and in expressive wall art displays, continuing that juxtaposition between man-made and the natural but in new, unique ways.”AJI

Decorex 2018 Trends Tropical Wall

5. Parquet Flooring

With more people looking to introduce stylish retro touches to their contemporary flooring designs, traditional parquet is becoming increasingly popular (and it now comes with a twist!).

“A beautiful nod to the past, parquet is now transformed in fresh, modern expressions to create a stylish marriage between the old and new.” AJI

Decorex 2018 Trends Parquet Flooring

6. Hygge

Decorex 2018 trends celebrate the wonder of Hygge again this year – the utterly scrumptious interior design style which encourages us to live more of a happy life. Brimming with cosiness, comfort and familiarity, Hygge design is all about creating an environment in which we can be more present, enjoy time with loved ones and connect with nature.

“We love Hygge and the oasis it creates within home design. It is refreshingly simplistic and focuses on all those elements which bring a client happiness and nourishment. It is joyful minimalism intensified!” AJI 

Decorex 2018 Trends Hygge

If we can assist you in implementing these Decorex 2018 trends into your home, please feel free to get in touch.