Floral Interior Design: Meet Our Florist, Lisa at AJI

Langton Alexander James Interiors rose display floral interior design


Like painting a masterpiece, every colour, texture and shape must be considered; each stunning in their own right and yet working harmoniously with every other element to create something magnificent. Floral displays play an integral role in completing the perfect interior design picture, and that’s why we at Alexander James Interiors picked the best florist we know; Lisa.

We sat down with Lisa to chat about her impressive floral interior design – so you can get to the know the lady behind the glorious floral displays in our interior design projects.

How long have you worked for Alexander James Interiors?

I’ve been working for Alexander James Interiors for 4 wonderful years now, and I absolutely love it. It is a pleasure to work with such a great team and alongside such talented designers.

Alexander James Interiors floral interior design

What is your background as a florist?

I have been a florist for 20 years now, designing and creating displays for corporate events, hotels and weddings, as well as working in boutique local florists.

During the course of my career I began working with silk flowers which offered me scope to be even more creative with my displays; in turn allowing me to produce the glorious life-like displays you see in our luxurious properties.

Alexander James Interiors floral interior design lisa

How does the process work with creating floral arrangements for a project?

Our interior designers deliver their mood boards to me, along with images of the property, and explain their vision for the interiors. I then work with the design style and the colour scheme they have fashioned, creating displays that capture the essence of the style and enhance its personality; from rustic and country style, to eclectic and contemporary.

Floral displays feature in every room in our projects, bringing every space to life with our vision; only the volume of flowers varies depending on the client’s budget. I normally create the floral displays on site, especially if it is a big project, each unique and made to fit perfectly into the space.

We always use very high-quality silk faux flowers in our projects as real flowers would perish in our show homes – they are exquisitely realistic and deliver the same stunning effect.

What are your favourite flowers?

My favourite flowers are tulips and my favourite plants are succulents, both of which are wonderfully spring-like and currently in trend so I’m enjoying working with them at the moment! Saying this, I am passionate about the unique beauty in all flowers – I regularly attend flower shows in the UK, Paris and Holland to find new inspiration for my work and to keep up to date with current trends.

Landmark Place Alexander James Interiors floral interior design

Do you incorporate your personal taste into your work?

No, I always remain unbiased and aim to create the vision portrayed in the designer’s mood boards. Furthermore, my floral displays are always morphing to follow the current flower trends; due to our lead times, I focus on next season’s inspiration in order to always be ahead of the trend and to ensure we display floral fashions right from the start of their cycle.

What has been your favourite project to date?

I really enjoy doing large projects where the floral arrangements match the scale of the property, such as in majestic projects The Chapel and The Woodrow – it is phenomenal to be able to create such large arrangements and stunning centrepieces.

The Chapel AlexanderJames Interiors floral interior design

What is your favourite interior design style?

Eclectic, as is often seen in quirky London apartments. I love the way this style rewrites the rule book and encourages you to be unique in your interior design; matching old with new, modest with luxurious, flamboyant with simple…

Have you noticed any trends in floral design as of late?

Current trends are very plant-orientated, where lots of foliage and big leaves are very popular.

Interior design and floral fashions tend to move with the seasons; spring projects will feature spring flowers such as hyacinths, tulips and prettier, more elegant flowers. Additionally, trends often depend on the style of the interiors – for example, in a rustic style property, stone pots, lavender baskets and flower jugs will be used.


If we can assist you with your floral interior design, please feel free to get in touch.