12 Opulent Interiors Worthy of A Footballer’s Crib: A Luxury Look at the World Cup


With excited chatter of the World Club currently resounding through every WhatsApp group chat, pub, office and home across the globe, our daily lives are passionately absorbed by the glorious game of football. Not just the game, but the ostentatious lifestyles of these god-like footballers and their sensational cribs.

Having had the privilege of designing the interiors for some of the most impressive luxury homes in and around London, we were inspired to share our favourite 12 opulent interiors worthy of any footballer’s crib in honour of this exciting time!

1. An Entrance to Remember

As seen in Call the Midwife, our deluxe former chapel conversion in London greets you with opulent interiors befitting the majestic 45ft high ceilings. Abundant with towering floral displays, large abstract wall art and elegant furnishings, we transformed this unique building into a home.

The Chapel Footballer's Crib

2. Luxurious Living Rooms

Part of our luxurious interior design for the magnificent Harford Manor country estate, we complemented the unique, award-winning architecture by adopting a perfect symmetry within our living room design, accessorising with stunning floor lamps by Porta Romana.

Harford Manor Opulent Interiors Living Room

3. Ballroom Bliss

An ideal entertainment oasis, can a footballer’s crib really be complete without an indoor swimming pool which transforms into a breathtaking ballroom? Situated in the prestigious private estate St George’s Hill, we designed the interiors of this bespoke home to accentuate and embellish the impressive architecture.

Opulent Interiors Ballroom Pool
Royal Wedding 2018 Royal Interiors Ball Room

4. Opulent Bedrooms

Exquisite, padded wall panels extend up to the ceiling in our luxurious bedroom design, each indulgently soft with pearl metallic leatherette fabric. The evocative teal shades of the Heathfield lamps and crushed velvet bed cushions add an inviting sense of richness to the scheme.

Contemporary Interior Design The Chapel

5. Dreamy Dressing Areas

Every footballer’s wife needs that tranquil haven wherein she can make her daily transformation into the glamorous beauty she is. The rose gold grey hues of this dressing area create a space of elegance and calm within our design, the circular abstract mirror adding a bold twist of glamour.

Luxury Interiors Footballers Crib Dressing Area

6. Underground Cinema

Complete with a bar and games room, wine room and sixteen-seat cinema with surround sound speakers, this six bedroom Wentworth Estate mansion offers the perfect place for any footballer to relax back with his friends after a long day of competition. We designed the interiors for this property to the most luxurious standards, the cinema decorated with retro, black and white movie prints.

Footballer's Crib Basement Cinema

7. Heavenly Kitchens

Utilising a calming palette of greys, we enhanced the sense of space and lightness within this magnificent open plan kitchen family area, the metallic elements in the bar stool back handles and grand vase displays adding a trendy touch of opulence.

Luxury Kitchen Design

8. Inspiring Libraries

An idyllic area for unwinding and relaxing, a footballer’s crib needs a place wherein he/she can take a break from the tremendous pressure of their job and enjoy some escapism! In this award-winning contemporary manor house, we designed the library to exude a sense of style, warmth and comfort, subtly accenting with golden hues, reds and purples as they glow against the neutral palette.

Harford Manor Library Opulent Interior Design

9. Sensational Spas

How could a footballer and his lady really relax without a luxurious spa in which to soak their muscles and bask in zen tranquillity? In our exclusive Wentworth Estate property design, we created a chic waiting area using a seductive black and grey palette, with sensuous metallic notes and atmospheric abstract art further adding to the sleek scene.

Westbourne Wentworth Estate Spa
Westbourne Wentworth Estate Spa Footballer's Crib

10. Decadent Dining Areas

If you can’t share the luxury lifestyle with your friends and family, then there is little point in that footballer’s crib! Our intimate dining area design balances the strong perpendicular angles of the room, softened by the neutral magnolias in deep bronze vessels and the beautiful dining chairs in Manuka Bronze honeycomb pattern by Zoffany.

Luxury Dining Area

11. Opulent Touches

Elevating a home to the highest levels of luxury refinement requires those showstopping touches and truly indulgent, opulent interiors. Reinforcing the majestic curvature of this awe-inspiring staircase, we added subtle atmospheric lighting to the steps and dressed the walls with calming warm taupe wallpaper by Casamance – perfectly framing this 8m bespoke, cascading chandelier.

Harry and Meghan Royal Interior Design Chandelier

12. Wine Cellar Dreams

Transporting us back to a bygone era, a wine cellar and cigar room has a deserved place in any footballer’s crib. These distressed leather arm chairs with rich brass stud detailing set a handsome and charismatic scene in our design, the bespoke cabinet adding ever more luxury to the opulent interiors.

Footballer's Crib Wine Cellar

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