8 Garden Interior Design Tips – Perfect Your Garden Design This Summer

Garden interior design Garden design Crown Wood terrace


A magnificent garden design makes a property come alive. Interior design is not just about creating a stunning interior for the house, rather it’s about creating a holistic picture and complete style for the entire property; the exterior areas of the property play an essential role in that.

We’ve put together 8 top garden interior design tips to help you perfect your garden design this summer, so you can enjoy those sun-filled days and warm evenings in your stylish outdoor sanctuary.

1. Harmonise and synthesise

Your garden interior design should reflect the interior design within the home. For example, if you live in a grand, stately home then don’t plan an edgy, artistic garden design filled with eclectic outdoor furniture. Instead, continue your home’s theme of elegance through into your exterior spaces.

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2. Ask – what makes your outdoor space special?

Celebrate the home you have; whether it be a flash London apartment with city views, a rustic barn surrounded by rolling hills or a refined country home with extensive gardens. Identify the strengths of your exterior space and make them sing.

For example, in our magnificent London apartment, we continued the sleek, polished mode of the interiors out onto the terrace, dressing it with trendy outdoor furniture to match the breathtaking urban landscape vistas and creating the perfect environment to entertain friends or relax with a glass of wine after a long day.

Garden interior design Garden design landmark

3. Step into an outdoor living heaven

Create a sanctuary so that you can fully maximise your outdoor living in summer. Introduce a range of furniture into your garden interior design; a lounge area with rattan sofas and tables, a dining area with rattan chairs and an opulent rattan lounge bed for those much-needed snoozes in the sun.

Garden interior design Garden design terrace

4. Upscale with a little luxury

Add a touch of luxury to your garden interior design by reupholstering your garden furniture with more premium quality fabrics.

The richer and more lavish the fabrics, the more you’ll sink into that idyllic zen-garden vibe. Osborne and Little and Designers Guild Tiana offer a beautiful range of fabrics for outdoor furniture.

5. Transform limited space

No matter how limited your external space, you can still create an outdoor haven in your garden design. In our quirky London apartment we brought the stylish furniture outside the walls of the home, introducing this contemporary rattan chair to the terrace with views of the vibrant, bustling city of London and softened the urban environment with these verdant, green pot plants.

Garden interior design Garden design Blackfriars 2
Garden interior design Garden design Blackfriars 1

6. Have some fun

Add a quirky feel to your garden interior design by hanging hammocks and swing chairs from the trees, creating the perfect family space for both fun and relaxation.

7. Enliven with personality

Invigorate your garden design with accessories and bring personality to the space. Add scatter cushions rich in patterns, textures and bright colours to plain areas, making the character and style of the design come to life. Inject a feeling of comfort into the outdoor space with gorgeous outdoor rugs (which are becoming increasingly popular).

Garden interior design Garden design Highcroft

8. Light your way to an evening oasis

Set an enchanting scene in your garden design by dotting outdoor lanterns throughout and, when the evening comes, let the flickering lights of the candles transform your outdoor space into an oasis of relaxation.

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