13 Stunning Halloween Decor Ideas to Inspire You

Halloween Decor Ideas Blackbird Books


Looking for Halloween decor inspiration? Look no further!

Halloween brings excitement to the stunning season of autumn, adding that eerie undertone to a time when nature is abundant with spell-binding colours, crisp mornings filled with vitality and vibrant produce promising our homely favourites: apples, squash, pears, sweet potatoes and, of course, the mighty pumpkin.

This is the time to transform your home into a celebration of this magnificent season and unleash some magic into your abode! Halloween decorations need not be cheap or tacky, they can be exquisite, artistic displays that enhance your interiors and bring elements of the outdoors into your home.

Have a little look at our favourite 13 Halloween decor ideas and let them inspire your creativity!

1. Striking Antler Centrepiece

A unique centrepiece is the perfect way to make an impact with your Halloween decor. Group pumpkins in varying sizes around flowers, candles and other unique items such as antlers. This magnificent monochrome centrepiece design in white is delicate and earthy – an ethereal celebration of Halloween.

Halloween Decor Ideas White Antler Display

2. Cool, Characterful Painted Pumpkins

Simple and utterly cool, these paint brush stroke pumpkins are perfect additions to your Halloween centrepiece design or mantel shelf decor. And you only need acrylic paint and an old, hard-bristled paint brush. Learn how to here.

Halloween Decor Ideas Painted Pumpkins

3. Wreaths, Candles and Ancient Tales

A spooky assortment of items make the ideal arrangement for your wooden sideboard, the heavy wooden candleholders and dusty, aged books whispering chilling tales long forgotten…

Halloween Decor Ideas Candles Books

4. Fun, Fabulous Spray-Painted Pumpkins

Create a fun, spooky ambience inside your home by scattering them atop your mantelpiece or place them on your doorstep to welcome those trick-or-treaters near and far! With just a touch of chalk paint, vinyl letter stickers and stone spray paint, these fabulous pumpkins could be your 2017 creation. Learn how to here.

Halloween Decor Ideas Pumpkins Boo Spooky Trick

5. Exquisite White and Gold Pumpkins

The beautiful white-and-gold combination adds warmth and refinement to your Halloween design, dressing up a porch or a mantel. A simple coat or two of white acrylic paint to your pumpkin, a wisp of gold spray paint to your chosen leaves, a touch of glue – and you’re away!

Halloween Decor Ideas White Gold Pumpkin

6. Hauntingly Beautiful Blackbird Chandelier

The haunting presence of a craft-made blackbird adds that eerie twist to your Halloween decor. Here they rest atop a chandelier strewn with spray painted hay, both spooky yet incredibly beautiful.

Halloween Decor Ideas Chandelier Blackbird

7. Dazzling Confetti Pumpkins

Combining the brilliant white against the metallic black, silver or gold confetti is a beautiful, bold look which dazzles! These confetti pumpkins are easy to make – learn how to here.

Halloween Decor Ideas Confetti Pumpkins

8. Glimmering Glitter Autumnal Leaves

Get some gorgeous glitter into your Halloween decor! This is the holiday season after all. These shimmering autumnal leaves are easy to make and work wonderfully hung above mirrors, paintings, chandeliers, as well as scattered around centrepiece displays. Learn how to here.

Halloween Decor Ideas Autumn Glitter Leaves

9. Slithering Snake Wreath

This snake wreath is striking and spine-chilling, offering the perfect Halloween decor welcome to your home! Using only plastic snakes, a blank wreath, glue and spray paint, you can create this haunting wreath which will have your guests stepping well back after ringing your doorbell. Learn how to here.

Halloween Decor Ideas Snake Wreath

10. Sparkling Sequins Pumpkins

Intricate and adorable, these gold sequins flowers add a touch of delicacy and glimmer to the elegant white pumpkin.

Halloween Decor Ideas Pumpkin Gold Sequin

11. An Abundant Pumpkin Welcome Home

Abundant and earthy, this pumpkin porch display fully embraces Hygge, celebrating the natural beauty of the Autumn season and bringing it into the home. Complete this porch Halloween decor by lighting the candle in your lantern each night.

Halloween Decor Ideas Pumpkin Entrance

12. Bewitchingly Beautiful Dining Display

The classic black and white theme within Halloween decor can be used to create a fun, edgy look or a bold, elegant look.

Halloween Decor Ideas Dining Halloween Display

13. Copper White Striped Pumpkins

The light pink tones from these shiny copper strips add a feminine feel to these petite pumpkins in white. Utterly cute and truly beautiful, these make the perfect addition to an elegant Halloween decor theme.

Halloween Decor Ideas Copper Pumpkin

If we can assist you in implementing these Halloween decor ideas into your home, please feel free to get in touch.