6 Halloween Decorations for a Stylish Halloween Party

halloween decorations party


Halloween is the perfect time to get creative with your interiors and use your imagination to craft some spooky, yet stunning, Halloween decorations. With a few simple touches, you can transform your home into the ultimate home of horrors – the real trick is to do so in a beautiful way!

Think less of gimmicky design pieces, slap-dash art and spiderweb chaos; think more or style, elegance and refined decor that will elevate your Halloween party to a fashionable affair.

1. Trendset with Colour

Traditionally we associate Halloween with the classic colours of orange and black. However, this season the trend is black and/or white coupled with gold. This stark contrast between the unadorned black or white and the striking gold makes a statement in your decor and lends itself extremely well to a variety of different centrepieces: pumpkins, placemats, candles and more.

Run this theme through your interiors and your Halloween decorations will shimmer with rich shades of gold offset against the eerie whites and blacks – you’re home with be trendsetting the latest interiors vogue for this season (and yes you can tell all of your friends).

halloween decorations bats and glasses

2. Table Decorations

Pumpkins make for the ideal table decorations.

Pay homage to this beautiful, seasonal fruit by allowing it to keep its natural shape (no carving it up to smithereens this time please) – celebrate its voluptuous form, symbolic of this abundant season and the generous party atmosphere.

Painted opaquely with the entrend colours of black/white and gold, they look rich, bold and truly marvellous.

halloween decorations gold and white pumkins

3. Treats

Spoil your guests with a few Halloween-themed treats!

Ooey-gooey homemade toffee apples with a stripy straw are the perfect Halloween party pudding. Cupcakes are easy to bake (no disasters pre-party!) and can be decorated with a range of spooky faces e.g. skulls, dracula, ghosts. A great way to share in the fun with the children if they are willing to lend a hand.

halloween decorations black cherries
halloween decorations skull cupcakes

4. Placemats

Lay your tables with unashamed flare and vigour! Refined and eerie, you can lay your placemats with gothic style. These simple black goblets set alongside the black candle lantern tell a tale of horror – perhaps a scary old story of dining with the devil, death or even dracula!

The miniature white pumpkin adds a touch of lightheartedness and jovial spirit – a bit of fun that puts a smile on your face (it is a party after all!). And the twinkling candle will set the scene perfectly for some old ghost stories to be shared.

halloween decorations black and white

This juxtaposition of the black and white in your Halloween decorations is dramatic. It allows you to add simple accessories, such as this little black bat, transforming an average place setting into something theatrical; all whilst not compromising the style and grace of the decor.

halloween decorations bat cutlery

5. Bats

Nothing says Halloween like ‘bats’ (admittedly aside from pumpkins). Incredibly easy to craft, these classic Halloween decorations can be made from cardboard or craft foam and are quite simply painted black.

You can then hang them from the ceilings or even suspend them from black painted twigs held in a vase. A theatrical display with artistic beauty.

halloween decorations bats and pumpkins

6. Cocktails

There is always a place for cocktails at a party, but this is your chance to elevate them to the next level.

Create your own and name them yourself e.g. ‘Sweet Poison Cocktail’ or ‘Vampire Kiss Martini’. Use deeply coloured mixers to add that ghoulish look to the drink e.g. freshly squeezed blood oranges or a bloody black currant punch. And make some spooky cocktail sticks to dress your cocktail glasses – your guests will love it!

gold interior design

If we can assist you in how to add a touch of Halloween to your interiors, please feel free to get in touch.