Ultimate Guide to Home Staging: 12 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

Home staging Alexander James Interiors Oakridge sofa


“Wow. Where do I sign?”. Those are the words you want to hear as potential buyers walk into your home. And there’s no reason that they shouldn’t. If you follow every one of our 12 tips to sell your home then you’ll be home staging your way to a rapid sale.

1. Be impartial

This is the hardest step. You must step back from the home that you’ve lived in and loved for years and see it with objective, fresh eyes. Imagine you are a potential buyer and scope out those design elements that may be off-putting.

Has your wallpaper been there for a couple of decades? Will a potential buyer like your favourite shade of green that appears throughout the home? Have your curtains seen brighter days?

2. Know your buyer

Who do you think is the most likely buyer for your home? Consider their requirements and adapt the design of your home to best suit their tastes and needs.

Are you selling an apartment ideal for a young professional, commuter or a couple’s first purchase? Then perhaps the interiors should have a professional, sleek, modern feel, making the best use of any limited space?

Are you selling a sizeable home ideal for a family? Perhaps the layout of your home needs to be more family-friendly with ample storage and a beautifully-kept garden?

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3. Declutter

Remove at least two to three pieces of furniture from each room in your home (be brave – you are moving soon after all)!

Decluttering is key to home staging; opening up the space and creating a fresh, breathable atmosphere. Utilise your storage units, tidy everything away and make room for a buyer to imagine themselves in the home.

4. Neutralise strong colours

Whilst the use of bold colours can have a stunning impact within interior design (when used correctly), it can be too much for some individuals and a particular colour may repel them. It can also be too style-specific and inhibit their vision for the house. So give those areas a fresh coat of neutral-coloured paint.

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5. Remove ‘You’ From the Home

This is one of our top tips for selling your home. People don’t buy a house; they buy a vision of themselves living in that house.

So depersonalise the decor – remove your family photos, fridge magnets, coasters your children made you when they were 6 and all those ‘little touches’ you’ve added over the years.

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6. Crisp flooring

Do the carpets look as if they have been through the wars? Replace them. Alternatively, have them professionally cleaned – you’ll be amazed by the results.

7. Get the lighting right

Dingy lighting is a number one ‘no-no’ for successful home staging. Invigorate the home with fresh, bright lighting that offers a viewer a sensation of cleanliness, positivity and spaciousness. Careful not to get too bright – your home isn’t a clinic!

Home staging Alexander James Interiors Autumn House light dining room

8. Darling pets

As much as we love our pets, not everyone has or wants them (don’t let your dog/cat/hamster read this) and a potential buyer may not want to purchase a home that has had a pet. Remove all traces of your pet from the home when you have viewings and ensure it is spotlessly clean.

9. Soft furnish for success

Do away with old, tattered cushions and rugs – even soft furnishings will be noticed by the potential buyer and make all the difference.

Instead, use this as your opportunity to add that element of luxury to your home without great expense; add lavish throws, exquisite curtains and plush rugs, all sourced from luxurious, quality brands.

Home staging Alexander James Interiors High Warren Cushions

10. Add those magical touches

Often overlooked, one of our key tips to selling your home is to bring it to life with beautiful accessories.

Add fresh flowers to enliven with colour, make a stunning feature of a vibrant green plant and create a homely ambience with a display of high-end magazines.

Home staging Alexander James Interiors Oakridge Flowers

11. Captivate with scent

Open the windows and allow the fresh breeze to remove any stale air, rejuvenating your home. Use beautifully scented diffusers and candles throughout to create a wholesome, welcoming atmosphere.

Studies have shown that the use of simple scents can affect a home buyer’s thought process so we highly advise using gorgeous scents in your home staging! Have a look here at our recommended scents to place in each room around the house.

12. Home stage like a pro

First impressions are crucial so our final tip for selling your home is simple; imagine you are a professional home stager and it’s your job to guarantee that every single element of the interiors is perfect.

Ensure it is sparkling clean, tidy and that it looks like a 5 star hotel – sure to impress any potential buyer and have them eager to make your home their own!

If we can assist you in home staging your property for a quick sale, please feel free to get in touch.