Hygge Interior Design – 8 Top Tips for a Happy Home

hygge bedroom


Are you ready to hygge your home?

Known as Scandinavia’s latest gift to the world, ‘Hygge’ is the hip lifestyle trend that has flooded the world of interior design and fashion – and we for one couldn’t be more grateful for it.

Pronounced ‘hoo-ga’, the Danish word ‘hygge’ is roughly translated as ‘cosiness’ or ‘togetherness’; its concept first said to have been developed during the 18th century in Denmark.

Denmark has remained the happiest nation in the world through their long bleak winters due, many believe, to their daily practice of Hygge.

So what is this concept and how can we bring its inherent happiness into our homes?

Hygge is a feeling or a mood of wellbeing that is created through simplistic living, appreciating the small joys in life and cosy contentment. It is about sharing intimate moments with friends and family, or with yourself by sinking into a hot bath, cuddling up with a good book or sitting quietly with your fresh cup of coffee.

Hygge is about investing in your emotional wellbeing; it is an escape from hectic consumerism and a return to the simple, cosy, handmade things in life – relaxing that tension and soothing those senses. It’s about celebration, intimacy, comradeship and wholesome living.

Here our interior designers share their 8 top tips to Hygge your home.

1. Moodlight with Candles

Said to be the number one on the ‘get the Hygge look’ list; candles. The Danes have smiled and joyfully laughed their way through many a long, dark winter armed with a million candles, so why shouldn’t we?

Nothing emits an ambience of warmth and cosiness quite like a myriad of candles flickering their charming light – so scatter those candles like stardust around your rooms and snuggle up. You can opt for simple white altar candles or indulge in scented candles that summon an additional sensory pleasure into your space. Have a look at our favourite candle brands with scents to celebrate every season here.

hygge living room

2. Blankets

Sumptuous blankets are Hygge’s second greatest weapon. Whether that be draped over your deluxe bed promising a dreamy night’s sleep, or adorning your sofas with luxurious invitation – they are there for the purposes of your relaxation and enjoyment at any given moment. We recommend Bronte by Moon’s woollen blankets.

hygge bedroom blanket

3. Cushions

Cosy interiors just would not be the same without ultra-snug cushions. Choose those cushions with lavishly soft textures and you will maximise your home’s Hygge. Smooth cashmeres, fluffy wools and thick-chunky knits all bring texture and different tactile layers to indulge your sense of touch, wrapping you up warmly into the intimate arms of Hygge.

Coupled with moody candles and plush blankets, you and your guests will feel instantly feel welcome and nurtured in your abode, ready to share in glorious hibernation or laughter over a gourmet coffee. We recommend De Le Cuona’s cushions.

hygge lounge cushions

4. Rugs

Hygge is all about savouring the moment and therefore making that moment one you truly wish to experience. Now tell us honestly, could you think of many things you would rather do than to sink your bare feet into an indulgently-soft sheepskin rug?

So raw and real, sheepskin rugs are a step away from our crazy-consumerist world and reconnects us with nature. It doesn’t need to necessarily be sheepskin – you can opt for any rug that is deeply textured and lavishly soft. We recommend The White Company’s rugs.

hygge rug

5. Wood

What is most loved about Scandinavian interior design is their minimalist lines, superior craftsmanship, earthy-coloured tones, and their use of honest materials, particularly wood. Wooden floors, wooden cladding on walls and wooden walls all add texture and warmth to a space – totally in keeping with cosy Hygge. Introduce wood into your interiors and consider a timber wallpaper to get the look. We recommend Andrew Martin’s timber wallpaper.

hygge timber wallpaper

6. Roaring Fires

Hygee traverses all seasons and truly sings in the summer when you bring in those fresh wild flowers to display in your home, or when you sit bathing in the sunshine with your morning coffee.

However, given the origins of Hygge and its place as a tremendous light during those harsh Danish winters, we would be remiss if we did not speak of a great, roaring fire. Whether you snuggle up of an evening with a good book and a glass of wine, or to share a wholesome meal with your friends, Hygge celebrations happen at their best around the toasty fireplace.

hygge fireplace

7. Simplicity and Indulgence 

Hygge is not about overload or extravagance. It is not about making things perfect or immaculate. It is not about over-styling or being exorbitance. It is about simplicity, indulgence and celebrating every small thing in life. Strip back what you don’t need or like anymore, get rid of clutter – leave only what brings you joy and has a rightful place in your happy home.

hygge dining room

8. Sanctuary

Every room should be a sanctuary in your home according to Hygge. And it is all about making time for yourself. No better way to do this than with a spot of pampering. So run the bath, light those candles, have the blankets and cosy fire ready for after, and sink into those bubbles. Indulge in some quality toiletries – we recommend Meraki’s Danish skin care products.

hygge bath

If we can assist you in introducing this Hygge interior design trend to your interiors, please feel free to get in touch.