Maison Et Objet 2019: The New Interior Design Trends That Will Take 2019 by Storm!

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Our designers have just returned from the world-renowned Maison Et Objet 2019 – the number 1 international authority for home decor, interior design and lifestyle trends. Showcasing the latest and most exciting design trends in their glorious Paris exhibit, Maison Et Objet 2019 has again inspired, ‘wowed’ and ignited fresh creativity for the year ahead.

Let’s hear from our Creative Director Stacey Sibley what the Maison Et Objet interior design trends for 2019 will be and how we can expect them to take 2019 by storm!

1. Cane

“Cane, and especially French cane, was seen everywhere at Maison Et Objet Paris 2019 – in furniture, lighting and mirrors. Brimming with that 1970’s vibe, rattan is a firm trend this year”. – Stacey Sibley, Creative Director.

Marrying perfectly with the vibrant greenery, botanical prints and abundant plants which are all still on trend this year, cane can bring a bohemian edge to our interiors in 2019 or a chic, classical finesse with the use of French cane. Sustainability took off strongly as an interior design trend in 2018 and is set to continue in 2019, making rattan a popular material for our furniture and decor products this year.

Maison Et Objet 2019 French Cane Seats
Maison Et Objet 2019 French Cane Wicker Lighting and Seating
French Cane Lighting Interior Design Trend 2019

2. Neutrals

“Neutral is making a big come back in 2019 with either soft whites and beiges or monochrome blacks and whites.” – Stacey Sibley, Creative Director.

Soft, gentle neutrals of whites and beige combined to create a calming, natural feel at Maison Et Objet 2019, with the use of textured woods enhancing the nature-inspired theme inherent in the exhibit this year.

Maison Et Objet 2019 Neutral Schemes

3. Monochrome

Striking and powerful, monochrome also appeared as a bold palette in this year’s exhibit, the black and white combining to create a classic, timeless look. Seamlessly blending old and new interiors, this style would suit a range of homes and emits a crisp, cool, fresh vibe.

Monochrome Bathroom
Monochrome Bathroom Maison Et Objet Design Trends 2019

Quieter monochrome palettes in calming greys, whites and blacks offer a softer look.

Soft Grey Neutrals Living Area Maison Et Objet 2019

4. Burnt Orange

“Burnt Orange featured as the number 1 ‘in’ colour this year, spreading like beautiful wildfire throughout the textiles, furniture and accessories.” – Stacey Sibley, Creative Director.

Bringing warmth and energy to our 2019 interiors, burnt orange is powerfully eye-catching and creates a strong focal point within a room.

Use burnt orange to accent your schemes with touches of welcoming warmth…

Burnt Orange Accessories on Shelves Maison Et Objet 2019

Or opt for bold statement pieces which add flare and charisma to your interiors.

Burnt Orange Sofa Maison Et Objet 2019

Pair with a trendy monochrome palette for an ultra-stylish look.

Burnt Orange and Monochrome Moodboard Maison Et Objet 2019

5. Bold Wallpapers and Colours

As we predicted in our 2019 interior design trends blog article last year, wallpapers and curtains are going to take a bold step up to make hugely dramatic statements. Maison Et Objet 2019 displayed schemes of astonishing colours and striking patterns, demonstrating how you can add be bold this year in how you add dimension and character to your rooms!

Maison Et Objet 2019 Bold Wallpapers And Colours
Wallpaper and Burnt Orange Living Area Maison Et Objet 2019

6. Textures Inspired By Nature

“Encouraging us to live more consciously and return to a simpler way of life, a common theme throughout Maison Et Objet 2019 was the use of natural materials and textures inspired by nature. From wools, to leathers, to sheepskins, to textured woods – the exhibit had an organic, rustic feel where much of the design was simple and earthy.” – Stacey Sibley, Creative Director.

With Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2019 ‘Living Coral’ attempting to reconnect us with the ‘arresting beauty we see in nature and the importance of preserving the environment’, we are again reminded that a major interior design trend in 2019 is that of sustainability. Maison Et Objet showcased how nourishing and sensual the use of natural materials and nature-inspired decor can be in our homes and indeed how thought-provoking.

Maison Et Objet 2019 Naturally Textured Bowls
Textures Inspired By Nature Lighting Maison Et Objet 2019

Here layers of texture are built and contrasted to create visual interest but also to demonstrate that 2019 design trends are as much about the feel of a scheme as about the look.

Textures Nature Inspired Wall Display Interior Design Trend 2019
Maison Et Objet 2019 Natural Textures Display

7. Florals

The Maison Et Objet exhibit brimmed with floral and plant displays this year – many bursting with burnt orange colour to add even more vibrant energy to homes in 2019.

Florals Burnt Orange Maison Et Objet 2019

8. Mixed Metals

“Varieties of metals mix together this year to build layers of texture and instil an air of sophistication and a glow of energy throughout schemes in 2019.” – Stacey Sibley, Creative Director.

Metalwork Lamps Interior Design Trend 2019

9. Green and Botanics

The colour green and botanics remain very strong interior trends in 2019, again emphasising the important relationship between humankind and nature. Plant-life and green shades remind us of the outdoors and brings the outside and nature, in.

Green And Botanics Maison Et Objet 2019

If we can assist you with implementing these 2019 interior design trends into your home, please feel free to get in touch.