Making Art work

tips of how to make your art work in your home

Making Art work

Artwork is an intrinsic part of any interior scheme.

It sets the scene and can give impact to an otherwise dull space. Scale is as important as content. Get it wrong and a piece will lose all of its grandeur and impact becoming lost in an expansive surrounding space.

For this reason, we have all of our artwork bespoke made for each project, prints are scaled to the space and our canvas paintings are commissioned to suit the colours and layout of the scheme.

Working with our specialist team each piece is constructed form endless print, mount and framing options to achieve the perfect piece every time.

These featured pieces were commissioned for the drawing room and study of the Millgate Homes site, Westbrook House, in Ascot.

The site of the development was once home to Rita Hayworth, and the scheme is a fitting tribute.

“Every picture tells a story don’t it” – Rod Stewart, Ronny Wood.