5 Best Ways to Get the Perfect Dining Room Decor

dining room decor


Some refer to the dining room as an ‘obsolete’ room in the modern home, stating that it is a waste of valuable floor-space; a room hardly used by the family with their varying, busy schedules. However we hold a different view! We believe that, where space allows, the dining room is a significant area in the home that should be celebrated and showcased with stylish dining room decor.

It is the place we come together for everyday family meals and where we share special occasions with friends and family – so how can we give it the admiration and affection it duly deserves? Here our interior designers share the best 5 ways to get the perfect dining room decor.

1. Lighting

Mood lighting is essential to set the scene and create ambience in your dining room. It dictates the atmosphere of the space and is a fundamental consideration in your dining room decor.

We recommend opting for coffered lighting with dimmable spot lights so that you can determine the brightness of the lighting and lower it in the evenings to offer an ambient glow.

Coffered ceilings are a spectacular feature in which a decorative sunken panel in a ceiling allows for lighting to be hidden, giving a concealed and softer glow. They can be adapted to a variety of different design styles: classic, modern or traditional. Houzz have put together a beautiful gallery of coffered lighting images for you to peruse.

In addition to this, you can add pizzazz and glamour to your dining room decor with central chandeliers which hang gracefully over the dining table. They set a charismatic tone and enchant dinner party guests with their romantic allure.

It is essential to ensure that the scale of the chandelier to the room and to the dining table is just right; if the chandelier is too small for example, it will lose all the intended impact.

dining room decor lighting

2. Furniture

The dining table is obviously a key feature in your dining room decor and, as such, should be considered carefully.

Selecting the right size and shape of the table is imperative. You want the dining table to enhance and embellish the space with its full character, but you don’t want it to be too big and thus for the room to feel cramped.

Aim to reflect the shape of the room in the dining table i.e. if the room is rectangular, opt for a rectangular or oval table (not square as it would waste space either end).

Sideboards make a welcome accompaniment to the dining table, continuing the style through into the empty space and breaking up the wall space. Ensure that the material of your sideboard mirrors that of the dining table and make it a feature in the room by adding table lamps and accessories. They also offer a superb opportunity to frame artwork.

dining room decor table

3. Table Settings

When guests arrive for the dinner party or you all huddle round for a delicious family meal, there is nothing that welcomes you more than a stunning table setting. It is a inviting spectacle of rich hospitality and a teaser of what’s to come; great laughter, yummy food and real companionship.

So accessorise your table with stunning cutlery and place settings, beautiful goblets and glasses – all of these add depth to the table decor, as well as adding further dimensions of abundance and conviviality to the scene.

Get creative with your accessories; don’t be afraid to ditch the white plates for something more bold. And consider the finer details and how each element adds its own sparkle to the table e.g. how the glasses and plates catch the light from the chandelier and twinkle…

dining room decor table setting

4. Fabrics

Utilise rich, alluring fabrics on your dining room chairs and it will add a sense of quality and style to your dining room decor.

We recommend, from a practical point of view, opting for fabrics that can be easily wiped on the inside of the chairs (inevitable spillages happen in every household) and then showcasing beautiful patterns on the back of the chairs to add drama and intrigue to the decor.

Reflect these fabrics and tones in the window treatments with patterned pelmets and curtains; perhaps even add an extra layer of sheer voiles to soften the natural light during the day, creating a relaxed atmosphere for daytime entertaining.

dining room decor fabric chairs

5. Rugs

By adding a handsome rug to your dining room, you soften the somewhat rigid look of what is often a tiled or wooden flooring. A beautiful rug lightens and frames the space – an important factor if your dining room is large.

Consider every element in your dining room decor and pick a rug that tells their story. Echo the accent colours and fabrics in the dramatic edges and borders of the rug you choose. And bring pattern into your interiors with a richly-patterned rug; just ensure that it is in keeping with the scale of the room e.g. opt for large prints in big rooms.

dining room decor rug

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