6 Ways to Refresh the Home Now They’re Back to School

back to school clean room


And…… exhale.

The kids have finally gone back to school and you can breathe a sigh of relief. You may look up and despair at the state of your once beautiful home – fear not! This is the perfect time to update your home and to add those little touches.

Here we share with you our 6 favourite ways to refresh your home now the kids have gone back to school.


1) Unclutter
Above all else, uncluttering your space is the most important. This is the first step to simplifying your life and restoring a much-needed sense of peace after the hectic summer.

So embrace the minimalist mentality.

Sort through all the piles of ‘stuff’ with a fine tooth comb, be honest about which items haven’t been used for an eternity and dispose of those that have seen better days.

Free the rooms in your home up with space and welcome in the spirit of a new season with a fresh mindset. Less is more.


2) Storage

Now you’ve thoroughly cleansed your home of unwanted and unnecessary items, it’s time to organise what remains. A uniform approach is essential to your success. And finding the perfect storage solution to suit your needs will mark your victory.

In this child’s bedroom, every piece of furniture is both a showcasing of the inherent persona of the interiors and is also an utilisation of vital storage space.

Of particular note is the extensive window seat with built in drawers, deep corner wall cabinet and the generous bed with pull out drawers.


In this child’s playroom, the toys are in fact doing double duty as decor.

Furthermore, the floor-to-ceiling cabinets maximise the space available and offer a surprising amount of storage in a narrow arena.

Other tips for creative storage are:-

  • Build in extra cupboards both above and around your bed, as well as using bedside tables with storage.
  • Use tote bags in place of bins, and hang them on the back of the door.
  • Have a look here for more inspirational ideas.

3) Deep Clean and Laundry

Eliminate those wilful cobwebs and wipe away those sticky fingerprints from the surfaces – this is the perfect opportunity to do a deep clean now the kids are back to school.

Catch up with the laundry and resume a sense of order and tranquillity. With an empty laundry basket, freshly ironed piles of linen carefully stored away and a sparkling clean home; all is well in the world again.


4) Replenish the Food Cupboard

After a summer holiday filled with ravenous children emptying your food supplies, any vacant spots in your cupboard must be addressed.

The autumn is here and your favourite food comforts should never be too far away.


5) Put the Summer Photographs on Display

Hold onto the memories of your summer by framing those most beloved snaps and putting them on display. Celebrate the wonderful time you had!

The kids are back to school, so keep the sunshine shimmering on you through the autumn season.


6) Celebrate the New Season
Autumn is here and it’s time to bring the spirit of this rich, vibrant season into your home in all its glory.

Fill your rooms with the warming scents of autumn’s vivid colours and its dreamy woodland wonderland. Take a little look at our favourite autumn candles.

And decorate your home throughout with exquisite autumnal flowers:

  • Dhalias – fill like the sun and come in a myriad of colours, shapes and sizes
  • Chrysanthemums – tall, bold and bright in their lucid purple, pink, yellow, bronze and white.
  • Sasanqua Camellias – pink or white, single or double, bold against their rich evergreen leaves.

So enjoy refreshing your home now the kids are back to school and welcome in the new season! Contact us if you would like any tips or advice – we are more than happy to assist.