How to Find the Right House Plants and Flowers for Your Space

beautiful sitting room with fireplace and flowers


Beautiful house plants bring life to your home – adding vibrancy, vitality and character. But how do you go about picking the right house plants for your space?

Here our interior design experts share their 5 best tips:-

1. Light 

An extremely important factor to consider in choosing your house plant is how much light it will have access to in your allocated spot.

Low light
This tends to be most areas in interior rooms, especially as the nights draw in and we move into winter months.

Ideal house plants: Ferns, Cast Iron Plants, Bamboo, Peace Lily, Spider Plants and Pothos Vine – lush, green and vibrant.

Medium light
Medium light areas lend themselves very well to exuberant, robust plants – perfect for adding bags of character to a space.

Ideal house plants: Begonias, Elephant ear/Alocasia, Christmas Cactus, Falsa Aralia, Grape Ivy and other types of Ivy.

Bright light
For those lucky enough to have spaces abundant in light, you have the pick of many stunningly beautiful plants.

Ideal house plants: Cacti and other succulents, Agave, Myrtles, Asparagus Ferns and Fig Trees.

house plants light

2. Space, size and growth

Without doubt, house plants add colour and sparkle to a room, but it is important to assess the space in which you would like to place them and how it will interact with its surroundings. Additionally, it is worth contemplating whether the house plant will grow vastly and how that will affect your space. For example, it would not be advisable to place a fast growing, bushy plant right next to your TV screen!

A general rule of thumb is:

If your space is limited, pick a taller plant.

If you would like to fill an area abundant in space, such as a room’s corner, then pick a shorter plant that will grow wide.

house plants hallway

3. Focus

How you use house plants in your interiors can have a powerful impact on the style, initial impression and ambience of a room.

Verdant plants can be used to accent the room, adding a dynamic energy to the space and punctuating it with life.

They can also be used as the focus point of the room, pulling your eye towards it with a captivating intensity. This is particularly true in the case of minimalist surrounding interiors, wherein a statement piece of vibrant plants highlights the understated beauty and simplicity of the interiors.

And in the image above, this house plant welcomes you into the home, offering a warm greeting and promising abundant hospitality with its generous blooms. The house plant’s rich burgundy and russet orange colours are reflected in the staircase railing – and the curvaceous shape of the table and stairs draw the eye inwards and upwards into the home.  This correlation in both the shape and the colour make these interiors alluring and seductive.

house plants orchids

4. Orchids

Orchids are an exquisite tropical flower that add an inspiring atmosphere to any space, both in the refreshing, sun-filled rooms of summer and the cosier, mood-lit evenings of winter.

Use beautiful vases for your orchids to accent your desks, bureaus and tables – adding style and colour. Don’t be afraid to opt for a larger vase or basket and fill with a plethora of orchids – emitting an air of exuberance and abundance.

Create an indoor oasis by hanging your orchids from the ceiling, bring your interior walls to life by displaying them on beautiful sconce shelves or fill your bookshelves with a display of your very own ‘orchid story’.

And remember, there are few things more-eye catching than a wall full of disarmingly delicate orchids.

house plants flowers

5. Flowers in bloom

Bring the colours and spirit of the season into your home! Get creative and practise the fine art of flower arranging – letting the blooms of the month inspire you and dotting their charm around your home.

Germaniums and Phlox conjure the brighter hues of the summer over into the autumn, while the Black-eyed Susans and Cardinal flowers complement the reds, oranges and yellows of the season. These warm colours are the perfect addition to your home as your cuddle up in those cosy autumn evenings.

Flowers that bloom during this season are beautifully unique, for example the soft pink Lenten Rose. Or the rich reds of the Poinsettias and the voluptuous shapes of the Manzanitas as you fill your house with them throughout December to celebrate the holiday spirit. And let’s not forget the cute Mistletoe and festive Holly…

The winter has gone and now it’s time to celebrate new life and watch your garden come to life, bringing all that joy into your home. With an endless variety of spring flowers to choose from you will be spoilt for choice:- Purple Lilacs, Orange Daylilies, Forget-me-nots and Poppies…

A stunning spectrum of colours are abundant in summer, as well as a huge variety in the shape of the flowers also. Geraniums, Lavender, Roses, Dahlias, Fleasbane, Yarrow, a myriad of wildflowers and so much more. This is a season in which you really have no excuse but to craft some magnificent bouquets!

Enjoy filling your home with the vibrancy of house plants and striking flower arrangements. Feel free to get in touch if we can be of any assistance.