Ski Lodge Decor – 5 Ways to Achieve the Look in Your Home

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You don’t need to be in the Alps to introduce the charm of ski lodge decor into your home. As we move further into winter now and we see those little ice crystals spread across our windows, it’s time to snuggle up inside with a roaring fire. Nothing embodies the ambience of cosiness, warmth and rustic appeal better than ski lodge decor.

So let us share with you our top 5 ways to get the perfect ski lodge look in your home.

1. Frame Your Fireplace

The fireplace is right at the heart of every ski lodge – it is where everyone gathers at the end of a long day out in the blistering cold and seeks refuge. It is the place where laughter is shared, hot drinks are sipped warming their bones and where everyone puts their feet up to relax.

So the first focus in introducing the enchantment of ski lodge decor into your home should primarily be to enhance your fireplace. One’s eye should be drawn towards the fireplace as one enters the living area; a charming hub of cosiness and homely nurturing. It should be celebrated and embellished with a plethora of logs, at the ready to keep the flames blazing.

ski lodge decor fireplace

Keep the logs stored in a log holder to keep the area tidy and emitting that ambience of tranquillity – not only are they practical but they also add rustic style to the fireplace.

We recommend: This log holder from Garden Trading.

ski lodge decor log storage
C/O Garden Trading

2. Festive Foods

Ski lodge decor would be inauthentic without showcasing those delicious winter treats we all adore throughout the home. Displaying enticing food in one’s house is an often overlooked element in interior design – certainly one that works perfectly with the homely charm of ski lodge style.

Reflect the seasons in your chosen treats on show – make them a celebration of the time of year by highlighting that season’s colours, produce and holidays. So during the Christmas period, get festive; brew up some mulled wine to share with your friends and family, cosy up with around the fire with a hot chocolate and get those chestnuts roasting.

We recommend: This chestnut roasting tin from Not On The High Street (the perfect accessory for the fireplace).

For tips on how to roast your own chestnuts at home have a little look at this.

And since ski lodges are so much about indulging in those delicious foods and drinks to keep the chilly weather at bay, a food/drink magazine would make a wonderful addition to the interiors.

We recommend: Jamie Oliver Magazine and Woman & Home Feel Good Food.

3. Fabulous Fabrics

Evoking a sense of cosiness and rustic ski lodge charm just wouldn’t be the same without sumptuous fabrics layered throughout the interiors. Luxuriously tactile fabrics that promise comfort and sensory nurturing are the ones to pick; think tartan blankets, herringbone throws, faux furs, cashmere blankets and big knit throws.

Rich in texture, all of these fabrics are made of soft, natural materials; earthy, authentic and indicative of the honest homeliness of ski lodge decor.

We recommend: This fabulous collection of fabrics by Linwood.

ski lodge decor fabrics linwood
C/O Linwood Fabrics

Add in those traditional cowhide rugs or sheepskins rugs to get the ultimate Scandi-style ski lodge look (incredibly popular in the world of interior design right now).

We recommend: These luxurious sheepskin rugs from Graham and Green.

ski lodge decor rugs
C/O Graham and Green

Or you can also opt for more of a subtle, plain sheepskin rug offering an elegant slant on this rustic accessory.

ski lodge decor elegant rug

4. Wallpapers with Wow! Factor

Natural materials, particularly wood and stone (as well as richly-textured fabrics as per above), play a key role in creating the ski lodge look. Think exposed wood beams and floors, stone hearths, wooden furniture. Those earthy brown and grey tones of wood and stone should be reflected throughout the interiors and even in the wallpaper.

We recommend: Lumberjack wallpaper by Andrew Martin. Not necessarily cheap but designed to give the ‘wow’ factor is this stack of wooden logs – simply exquisite.

ski lodge decor wallpaper
C/O Andrew Martin

5. Accessorise in Style

It’s those little accessories that truly bring the ski lodge decor together and complete its rustic charm. Continue the theme of the honest natural materials in the accessories, for example with worn wooden candle holders.

And don’t forget to get the mood-lighting just right – flickering candlelight adds so much to the Alpine atmosphere.

We recommend: Bark candle holders from Garden Trading.

Ski lodge decor candleholder
C/O Garden Trading

Entrend and entirely made for ski lodge decor, are deer-themed accessories. Deer antlers particularly make a stunning statement piece and evocative focus in the living area, framed majestically by the roaring fire and the rustic lumberjack wallpaper above.

ski lodge decor antlers

If we can assist you in getting the ski lodge interior design look, please feel free to get in touch.