Spring Summer Trends 2019 (Bring The Latest Fashions Into Your Summer Home Decor)

Spring Summer Trends 2019 Fashion Interiors Split Image


Long have the catwalks influenced the world of interior design, with the hottest fashion designers coming together every year to set the blazing new trends. So what have this year’s fashion weeks hailed to be the spring summer trends of 2019? Let’s take a close look to see how we can bring them into our summer home decor.

1. Monochrome Neutrals

It’s time to ‘be more beige’ with this year’s runways emitting a strong theme of this calming, reassuring neutral colour. “Contemporary Oatmeal”, “Feather Down’ “Stony Ground” – it doesn’t matter which beige tone you choose, monochrome neutrals are a number 1 spring summer trend of 2019.

Fashion Week 2019 Beige Neutrals

A feminine glow radiates from the neutral palette within our master bedroom design here, the beige tones softening the contrasting monochrome decor.

Spring Summer Trends 2019 Luxury Bedroom

2. Mixed Textures and Prints

As we found in our visit to Maison et Objet Paris 2019, varying texture is a strong trend this year, bringing an opportunity to add depth and character to our summer home decor.

The fashion runways showcased bold displays of mixed prints and diverse textures, encouraging us to be dramatic in our amalgamation of patterns and fabrics with little concern for how well they ‘match’.

2019 is the year to be more rogue – layer lots of interesting, tactile textures and create a really unique look with different motif designs.

Fashion 2019 Mixed Print and Texture

Below Left: Boldly coloured Chevron cushions by Jane Churchill add an edgy dynamicity to our living room design as they contrast with the gentle grey cotton cushions behind.

Below Right: The modern multi colour basket weave of this Ashbee Designers Guild headboard fabric undulates hypnotically in rich in texture and cobalt colours, the mesmerising aesthetic enhanced by the luxurious Romo and Andrew Martin fabric cushions in our bedroom design.

Spring Summer Trends 2019 Mixed Textures And Prints

3. Vibrant Colours / Neon

Tutti frutti colours and bright neon shades popped with vibrancy across this year’s fashion catwalks – a striking spring summer 2019 trend set to add incredible energy to our wardrobes and homes this year.

Ideal for those looking to pack a punch in their summer home decor, these zesty hues bring life and vivacity to any scheme. Not for the faint-hearted – please use them wisely!

Neon Colours Spring Summer Trends 2019
Spring Summer Trends 2019 Neon Colour Cushions in Bedroom

Below Left: Elegant and alluring, the blue hues of this bespoke chair in our manor house design are echoed in the genteel artwork above, the youthful blue tones contrasting with the traditional style cabinet.

Below Right: This elegant Eichholtz chair in striking turquoise oozes quirky, mid-20th century style, the antique brass nail trim perfectly complementing the Astley Vottera antique brass accent side table with smoked glass top.

Summer Home Decor 2019 Bright Blue Chairs

4. Sage Green

This season, calming tones of green chimed a soothing note across the fashion weeks, again strengthening the neutral trend of soft pastels and beiges.

Softening the trendy green of recent years, the spring summer trend of 2019 takes green into much quieter, softer dimensions with “Sea Foam”, “Sage Green” and “Pistachio” being coined as those hues that truly encapsulate the serene style.

Sage Green Fashion Trend 2019

Below Left: Serene and soothing, the gentle teal colour and light sage green of the unique ornament and lamp bring a harmonious touch to the wooden cabinet in our Surrey barn design.

Below Right: Bringing rich character to the design with accessories, we dressed this rustic trunk with a soft throw and beautifully-detailed Thibaut cushion, continuing the sage green tones throughout the property in this calming wall painting.

Summer Spring Trends 2019 Sage Green Teal

5. Statement Feathers and Fringing

As we know, richly mixed texture and pattern is a strong trend this year – and statement feathers and fringing takes this to another level in 2019!

This spring summer 2019 trend is your chance to add some drama and glamour to your summer home decor, so think: explosions of feather trims on frames, crystal fringing on lampshades and bursts of feathered accessories.

Feathers Fashion Design Trend 2019

Below Left: Exquisite grey ostrich feathers were sewn on to the back of this dressing chair to create the glamorously lavish look our client desired in her dressing room design.

Below Right: This magnificent feathered pearl necklace piece by Robert Langford adds another twist of personality to this carefully selected collection of bookshelf accessories, the detail perfecting the design.

Summer Home Decor 2019 Feathers And Fringing on Chair and Accessory

6. Bright Burnt Orange

Having set the fashion world alight with it’s warm shimmer, vibrant pops of burnt orange are here to add some heat and excitement to our summer home decor and wardrobes in 2019.

Filled with buoyancy and verve, burnt and bright oranges add dynamism to schemes and are a warm way to accent a room.

Burnt Orange Fashion Catwalks 2019

Below Left: Rich wooden hues contrast vividly with the midnight blue leather in these handsome bespoke armchairs, the burnt orange shimmering a sumptuous warmth through the scheme.

Below Right: A captivating ceramic glaze transports us to vast landscapes of scorched rock and sand textures in this stunning Heathfield lamp, the vibrant orange giving our bedroom design a unique look.

Burnt Orange Summer Spring Trend 2019 Armchair and Lamp

If we can assist you with implementing these spring summer trends 2019 into your home, please feel free to get in touch.