5 Tips to Get the Ultimate Rustic Interior Design

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In this fast-paced age of modernity with sleek technology and mass-produced materials, we sometimes find ourselves nostalgic for a bygone era; one in which our homes were filled with the honesty of natural materials, we were at peace with the glory of imperfection and free-form shapes, and we celebrated the simplicity of our less-complicated lives.

Rustic interior design takes us straight back there. Back to the comfort and warmth that one should feel in their home.

It is a style that celebrates organic, raw materials, natural hues and earthy materials – a laid-back design that is full of character, is friendly and functional. Ideal for those that like homes with ‘a lived-in’ ambience, rustic interior design is about allowing one to kick-back, relax and feel truly at home.

Our interior designers offer their favourite 5 tips to get the ultimate rustic interior design look.

1. Distressed Woods

Contemporary design, straight lines and sleek minimalism are the enemy of rustic interior design.

The raw honesty of natural materials, repurposed one-of-a-kind objects and weathered, aged furniture are its greatest friend.

Furniture made of distressed wood (offering that charming weathered effect) is wonderfully easy to source online with a wide variety of choice, making it easy for you to find the perfect piece for your home.

Opt for those softer tones that offer a more earthy design-style and consider whitewashing your tables and furniture to really get the look. And don’t be afraid to really get creative; let the below picture of distressed wooden shutters inspire you…

rustic interior design distressed wood

2. Tactile Fabrics

Nothing makes one feel more at home than seeing your abode gracefully adorned with sumptuous fabrics and sinking into their rich sensations.

Choose those warm fabrics with a comforting, homely feel and tactile depth such as; herringbone weave, wools, cashmeres and linens. And be generous with the fabrics – layer-upon-layer of them… Think of cuddling up on super-comfy linen-upholstered sofas with cosy cushions and a toastie woollen blanket.

rustic interior design bed

3. Whicker

Chic, quaint and entirely adorable, wicker baskets offer a charming way to, quite simply and with little effort, get the rustic interior design look. They are perfect for displaying items in the kitchen e.g. herbs, plant pots, bread and more.

Wicker chairs, both inside and out, are also a great way to give your home that true, rustic feel.

rustic interior design whicker
rustic interior design 13

4. Soft Paint Colours

The rustic interior design style is all about scooping you up into a haven of unfussed comfort, and giving you that break from a hectic, sometimes stressful life.

For this reason, rustic homes utilise the softest and serenest of colours. Soft paint colours set the tone of your interiors, so stick with taupes, olive green and alike which induce a sense of calm…

We recommend the following colours from the Little Greene Paint Company and Farrow and Ball.

rustic interior design paints

5. Accessories

Continue the theme of distressed wood through into your home’s accessories to get the ultimate rustic interior design look; wooden bowls, magazine racks, photo frames etc.

Soften your dining settings with beautiful, fabric placemats and celebrate the priceless traces of time by mixing antiques with vintage-inspired furniture to get that enchanting rustic feel.

rustic interior design accessories

And don’t forget about farmhouse china! Could there be a better way to showcase the rustic look in your home?

See below for an idea of how charming it can be – bucolic vases brimming with flowers in the entrance hall, waiting to welcome you back to your gorgeous home.

rustic interior design flowers

If we can assist you in getting the ultimate rustic interior design look, please feel free to get in touch.