Valentine’s Day Decor – 5 Ways to Add Romance to Your Rooms

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Give your home a touch of love this Valentine’s Day! This is the perfect time to introduce a glimmer of Valentine’s Day decor and bring romance into your home.

You don’t need to spend the earth on this romantic decor, nor does this call for a major property makeover – rather it is an opportunity to spice up your interiors and add a little evocative sparkle!

As our Creative Director Stacey Sibley says:-

“There are some really cost effective quick wins when it comes to adding romance to your home. Look at your rooms not just with your eyes but with all your senses. How does a room feel? What scents are in the air? Then drop in a little instant passion and love with a few additional touches.”

1) Fresh Flower Fancy

Begin by dressing your rooms with fresh flowers, bringing them to life with those blooms. Let their fragrance fill the rooms with their sweet floral scents – the ultimate Valentine’s Day decor.

Make a statement of your flowers by creating a giant display of lilies, roses and gypsophila.

The Chapel AlexanderJames Interiors floral interior design

Or opt for the elegant, classic look with a luxurious array of cream roses in oversized vases.

Langton Alexander James Interiors rose display floral interior design

And don’t forget to add a touch of flirtatious intrigue to your bedside table with a lavish display of tulips.

Landmark Place Alexander James Interiors floral interior design

2) Mood Light Magic

The key to invoking romantic ambience in the home is the mood lighting. Often associated with evening and nighttime, romance is effortlessly created in the softening of the light and adds a special aura of intimacy.

So dim the overhead lights to create an ambient glow and introduce the softer lighting derived from table lamps, uplighters and standing lamps.

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And of course, don’t forget to scatter your space with candles and let their flickering charm work their magic. Nothing sets the scene for romance like an array of dreamy candlelight, and they don’t cost the earth so they make for perfect Valentines Day decor . With such a wide choice available, you can match them with any colour scheme. Display your candles in glass holders with long, elegant stems or antique silver hurricanes.

hygge living room

3) Exquisite Scent

Dot your rooms with exquisitely scented reed diffusers to create that sense of aromatic enchantment. Graceful and elegant, diffusers are a beautiful way to pamper your home and all that enter it.

You can also opt for scented candles which can be highly aromatic in comparison to the more subtle scents radiated from diffusers.

4) Scheme with Colour

You may feel that this lead up to Valentine’s Day is the time for a full property a makeover in which case we recommend avoiding dark colour schemes – we are aiming for the light, euphoric heights of romance after all!

Veer more towards pastel colours with splashes of bold colour used sparingly for a touch of passion. Metallic fabrics are in vogue this season and when used delicately, silvers and golds conjure a grand ambience of love. Add little touches like antique silver photo frames to get the look.

Whitelands Alexander James Interiors living room

5) Mood Board Love

When it comes to selecting accessories, soft furnishings and artwork, picture how it’s all going to connect before you buy everything. Our Creative Director Stacey Sibley advises:-

“Put a mood board together with the pieces you have in mind – from lamps to rugs to paintings – and build a vision of how well it’s going to blend and how romantic it’s going to feel. If one or two elements don’t fit, don’t try and force them in. Find alternatives instead.”

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   Your Valentines Day Decor 

“Ultimately, the room needs to emanate a sense of warmth and safety but with a streak of passion thrown in as well. Creating the ultimate romantic interior is a really delicate balance but can have a fantastic impact on a home when done well.”


If we can assist you with your Valentines Day decor, please feel free to get in touch.