Vintage Travel Style – 6 Ways to Get the Look

vintage style sitting room with tv and music box


Vintage travel style.

There we said it.

The latest interior design trend – and in vogue for good reason. If you are not yet familiar with this charismatic interior design style then we are delighted to be the one to introduce you…

Vintage travel style incorporates all of our favourite elements of the classic vintage mode: the old fashioned charm and elegance, the artificially aged and lovingly selected furniture (not junk – rather legacy items, as if inherited from your grandparents), the natural materials of wood, rare stones and natural fabrics, and of course those chips, cracks and scratches that offer the relaxed lived-in look.

But vintage travel style just elevates classic vintage to another level.

Here the soft flowing lines, elegant low-key colours and sense of calm are transported to the intriguing world of travel. Pore over our 6 ways to get the vintage travel look below:-

vintage travel style 2

1. Vintage globes

These stunning vintage globes are right at the heart of this trend – a worshipped star for every true traveller.

Faded, cracked and worn; these classic old travel globes add a sense of wonderment to a space – a key to another world.

Dressed upon a stack of trusty, tattered trunks, they would sit perfectly upon a mantle or desk and offer a rotund focal point to the overall vintage travel look.

Or perhaps you may wish to turn your vintage globe into a true masterpiece by opting for an antique globe bar cart.

That way you could combine a beautiful piece of art with a mini bar and truly impress your guests.

2. Vintage map prints

Vintage maps harmonise exceptionally well with the low-key vintage colours – cream, sand, gray and beige. They stand proudly on the wall, shades of light pink and pale blue telling stories of exotic lands still to be explored… A majestic nod to the vintage travel style.

Intricately drawn, they are beautiful pieces of art in themselves and act as an idyllic gazing point on a lazy Sunday afternoon or as a thought-provoking talking point for guests upon arrival.

3. Vintage books

Nothing says ‘vintage’ like vintage books.

Whether they be showcased like a spectacle of enchantment in a rickety old bookshelf or rested gently upon a mantel shelf and accompanied by a loyal, antique brass candleholder still burning her flame – vintage books add abundant character to a room.

They exhibit a rich tapestry of worn-down colours and add depth to the space. They open the doors to a myriad of worlds unknown and tales still undiscovered. They are the fantastical element in vintage travel style.

vintage travel style beech house

4. Vintage drinks and glasses

There would be something missing from the vintage travel style without antique champagne flutes and coupes.

Fashionable, snazzy and chic; vintage glasses add a touch of theatre and a sense of fun to your vintage look.

You can almost hear the swing music on an old record player beguiling you to dance…

cocktail glasses vintage travel style

5. Vintage trunks

Now for our favourite: the vintage trunk.

The old steed that has travelled the world with you and returned home for quiet retirement, the trunk is a characterful piece that oozes charm.

Frayed, tattered and beaten-up by miles of unforgiving travel, the faithful trunk makes a noble centrepiece in one’s living room – an ideal coffee table for your magazines and rustic candles.

Or a noble addition to the end of the bed – reawakening old memories of living out of one’s suitcase.

Distinguished, sturdy and formidable; you cannot overlook this vital item in your vintage travel decor.

vintage travel style trunk

6. Vintage screens and large clocks

Vintage style typically combines modern and antique items, and each relic has its own story to tell, its own history and should be original, unusual and remarkable.

These vintage clocks have captured so many memories and moments in time that they are longing to tell you – instilling an atmosphere of mystery in the interiors.

The shabby vintage screen is well-worn and reflective, transporting one back to chic changing rooms, feathers and fashionable parties.

This reminiscence adds a sense of romanticism and stylish nostalgia.

vintage travel style 3

A vivid trend with tremendous character, the vintage travel style is a jewel only just being discovered in the world of interior design. Feel free to get in touch and discuss how we can help you introduce this style into your home.