Why Scented Candles are a Must for Interior Design and 12 Aromas to Set the Mood


When a candle is lit it changes the space around it in seconds. The whole atmosphere alters, and this occurs with all kinds of candles, from a humble well placed tealight to a luxury lighting piece. Scented candles add an extra dimension because aroma can also change the mood entirely. However, it’s not just how the candles look or smell – it’s how they make you feel that’s important. Here we discuss why candles are ideal for interior design and look in detail at 12 aromas that don’t just smell great, they transform the mood, and potentially your health too.

Candles Set a Scene, Conjure Atmosphere & Enhance Wellbeing

Candles. We just love them. Even unlit candles can be the best ornaments. Candlelight itself is powerful for interior spaces, especially when creating an intimate atmosphere. Watching the variability of the flame has a soothing rhythm and can create a wonderful effect on mood. Lighting a dinner party with candlelight, for instance, can bring the room and table setting to life. Notice how the light effects glassware. Wonderful!

Lighting a space with scented candles is an ideal way to quickly transform the environment and the people in it. Scented candles can create many vibes and moods as long as you have selected the right fragrance for the situation.

You may already love scented candles, but there are some unexpected benefits you might not know about. There are both physical and emotional benefits to lighting a scented candle. Assuming your candles are made using natural products, it’s aromatherapy in wax form.

Aromatherapy is a natural scent that enhances wellbeing. Think of the smell of a hot oil massage, and then imagine that in a subtler form wafting around your home. Imagine Black Pepper, Jasmine, Rosemary or Cedar Wood. Inhaling its scent releases mental and physical stress and changes how you feel – for the better.

12 Mood Boosting Aromas

1. Rosemary Oil – Woodsy with tones of Pine & Lemon

Rosemary Oil is a powerful healer and strengthens the whole body. It helps promote deep mental clarity, improved focus and can stimulate the nervous system making it an excellent treatment for headaches. Rosemary Oil is also great for relieving congestion.

Pictures Of Plants 2000 X 1333 Px 0009 ROSMARY

2. Rose Oil – Deeply Floral and Honey-like

Rose Oil is also a powerful healer of the body and can help with depression, anxiety, circulation and respiratory issues. It’s a protector of the heart too both emotionally and energetically. It is said that Rose Oil can even help to heal relationships, which would be amazing!

Pictures Of Plants 2000 X 1333 Px 0005 ROSE

3. Basil Oil – Herbaceous and Liquorice-like

Basil Oil has a calming effect, so can help with emotional distress or anxiety. It also revitalises, so helps restore mental alertness and fights fatigue. Basil Oil relieves colds, fevers, and migraines and some people also find it eases a fast heart rate and high blood pressure.

4. Camomile Oil – Floral, Fresh and Herby

Camomile Oil is a mild sedative so is amazing for relaxation and sleep and the alleviation of anxiety, annoyance and sadness. It can also relieve the symptoms of hay fever and other allergies.

Pictures Of Plants 2000 X 1333 Px 0003 CAMOMILE

5. Jasmine Oil – Rich, Sweet and Deeply Aromatic

Jasmine Oil has so many benefits. It increases focus, stimulates healthy brain activity and generally acts as a fabulous mood lifter. Jasmine also has aphrodisiac properties, enhancing sexual desire and releasing inhibitions.

Pictures Of Plants 2000 X 1333 Px 0001 JASMINE

6. Lavender Oil – Refreshing and Distinctly Floral

Lavender Oil has a powerful calming effect on the mind and body. It supports natural sleep cycles, combating insomnia and racing thoughts. However, if you’re not tired the aroma will be uplifting, stress-relieving and mentally clarifying. You can use it to help with congestion too.

Pictures Of Plants 2000 X 1333 Px 0004 LAVENDER

7. Geranium Oil – Rose-like with a Hint of Mint

Geranium Oil balances and regulates emotions – lifting your mood and providing a soothing balm for anxiety and stress. It can also increase cognitive function and helps to balance the body’s hormones which reduces fatigue and symptoms of the Menopause.

Pictures Of Plants 2000 X 1333 Px 0006 GERANIUM

8. Patchouli Oil – Strong, Sweet and Musky

Patchouli oil as a soother and happiness generator. It stimulates the production of dopamine and serotonin, which helps relieve feelings of anger, anxiety, tension, and stress. It also a mild sedative which has a positive effect on hypersensitivity and inflammation.

Pictures Of Plants 2000 X 1333 Px 0011 PATCHOULI

9. Black Pepper Oil – Dry, Spicy, Warm and Woody

Black Pepper Oil is a powerful healer and increases energy in all systems of the body, so invigorates the senses and enhances mental clarity. It’s ideal to help with muscular pains even as a vapour. It’s commonly used to aid the digestive and nervous systems — stimulating circulation and promoting emotional balance.

Pictures Of Plants 2000 X 1333 Px 0000 BLACK PEPPER

10. Vetiver Oil – Earthy, Woody, Herbaceous and Fresh

Vetiver Oil is a deeply soothing and restorative oil. You can use it during traumatic times to help restore calm self-awareness. Its grounding and tranquil effects can quickly relieve panic attacks, a racing mind, and hypersensitivity.

Pictures Of Plants 2000 X 1333 Px 0010 VETIVER

11. Neroli Oil – Sweet-floral with a Hint of Citrus

Neroli Oil relaxes your body and mind – and uplifts your mood. It’s excellent at reducing anxiety, anger, and tiredness. It acts on the endocrine system, regulating hormone production. Neroli Oil is also a natural remedy for relieving colds and headaches.

Pictures Of Plants 2000 X 1333 Px 0008 NEROLI

12. Melissa Oil (Lemon Balm) – Fresh, Lemony and Slightly Herbaceous

Melissa oil (Lemon Balm) is a gentle but potent tonic especially for the heart, helping with strengthening and easing palpitations. Lemon balm has wonderfully uplifting energy. It soothes anxiety, depression, and nervousness and brings with it a sense of lightness and joy. Its gentle nature also relaxes tension.

Pictures Of Plants 2000 X 1333 Px 0007 MELISSA

Choosing your Ideal Scented Candle

Do note that not all scented candles are good for the home environment. Synthetic fragrances won’t enhance your wellbeing or health. When selecting a scented candle, ensure it’s made with natural oils and the base is either plant wax or beeswax. Candles that are free from artificial or toxic elements will burn cleanly, last longer than paraffin and will also allow the scent through more clearly.

Whatever space you’re making beautiful – make it beautiful not just visually, but aromatically too.

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This is a guest post by Ann King, founder of ILLUMINE, a range of personalised home-fragrances. There are twelve fragrances in the range, each one carefully crafted for each of the twelve zodiac signs.