Is Instagram Ruining Your Home?

Is Instagram Ruining Your Home?

is instagram ruining your home?

We all love Instagram trends, but sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back to see what will work best for you and your home and lifestyle, rather than blindly following fashion! Mistakes can be expensive!

Here we examine some of the latest and most popular Instagram trends, and offer suggestions as to how to get the perfect look… That you will love and others will admire.

indoor plants

Indoor plants have made a huge come back since the 70’s and have we seen so many them everywhere, even in knitted hanging pots! They are all over Instagram.

These can look amazing, but only if you know how to look after them. If you are like most people you will make the mistake of spending a fortune on tall pot plants and succulents, then neglecting them. It is very easily done, we either over water or under water them, or don’t get the lighting and temperature right. This results in sad looking, dying plants all over the house – which can ruin your interior.

Our suggestion… either read up on what plants suit you, your home and lifestyle or get some beautiful looking faux ones!

candy coloured sofas

You can’t get past a day without seeing a beautiful candy pink or green soft velvet sofa on the gram, effortlessly draped with a wool throw and perfectly placed Mongolian Sheep cushion. I mean we all know that the throw took four hours to lie in those imperfect folds!

The problem with velvet, especially lighter coloured velvet, is that it shows every mark, it will dent and crease every time you sit on it – and god forbid a dog or cat touches it! This is a look that the anal retentive can never have as they will spend all day endlessly stroking down the pile so that it all goes the same way.

Our suggestion… you could have velvet cushions instead, so much easier to brush down and replace!

pink interiors

The blush or muted pink instagram trend is everywhere, on walls, tiles, furniture, artwork… which again on the gram it looks really cute mixed with brass accents and beautifully placed succulent plants. However, in your own home it is very easy to go from the intended trendy cool pink to Barbie – Paris Hilton pink. No one wants to go back to the Barbara Cartland all pink!

Having to replace your pink kitchen cabinets with their brass handles and hexagonal pink wall tiles is going to be very expensive. We all remember the avocado bathrooms that were huge in the seventies and eighties… we don’t want to be remembered for pink!

Our suggestion… keep it to pink accents, less is definitely more when it comes to these colours! Using colour accents adds definition and personality.

the dark painted room

Dark painted walls are very trendy, giving a moody and dramatic look. Darkness works really well in some rooms; however, this doesn’t always have the desired effect.

If you have a small room that has low ceilings and is north facing without much light; it’s going to feel like the room is a cave. Which unless you have the lights on all day is not the most practical or uplifting.

It is also worth bearing in mind that homes with dark rooms don’t always sell as well, because the rooms can look smaller and uninviting.

Our suggestion to soften this instagram trend … incorporate a dark feature wall as a compromise, perhaps with wallpaper rather than paint; this will add a similar effect but will not overpower the area.

If we can assist you incorporating some of these Instagram trends and ideas into your home, please feel free to get in touch.
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