Creating a romantic interior for Valentine’s Day – our 6 favourite tips

Creating a romantic interior for Valentine’s Day – our 6 favourite tips

Valentine’s Day is a time to focus on your senses.   Here we’ve collated our favourite tips to help you add a stylish touch of amour to your home for this special day.

Infuse your interiors with a touch of romance this Valentine’s Day and inspire a warming sense of love throughout your home! This is the time to celebrate the special relationships you have in your life and to create the perfect atmosphere of appreciation and intimacy within your interiors.

  1. Luxurious textures to pamper your sense of touch

Adorn your bed or sofa with a luxurious throw, adding a hint of opulence and indulgence to your bedroom or living room. Perfect for cuddling up on Valentine’s Day evening with a glass of wine on the sofa, or keeping you cosy in bed at night, wrap up in this sensual throw and enjoy.

Nothing says romance like slipping into ultra-luxurious sheets, soft and lavish to the touch. This truly is the perfect way to say ‘I love you’ to yourself, as well as your partner! Always opt for premium quality sheets with a high thread count, sourced from a retailer with quality at its heart.

Introduce new layers of luxurious texture into your interiors with deluxe cushions and add a burst of uplifting colour. A definite Valentine’s Day decoration for the home, descend into palatial cushions and commence your romantic evening of indulgence.

We recommend:

Beautiful and truly exquisite faux fur throws by Helen Moore. The soft textures of faux fur are a must-have Valentine’s Day decoration for the home.  The magnificent Egyptian cotton linens from The White Company will last you a lifetime and are worth every penny.  Luxury cushion fabrics from Kirkby Design, Romo, Black Edition and Villa Nova will look and feel sumptuous . 


  1. Evocative fragrances to create memories

The sense of smell is is closely linked to memory and is highly emotive.  For this reason, fragrance plays an important role in interior design of your home.  When you introduce beautiful aromas, they can invoke different emotions calmness, contentment or even invigoration, depending on the fragrance.  So, this Valentine’s Day, pick a fragrance that encompasses love for you and let the scent fill your home.

You can introduce fragrance and create memories through fresh flowers, candles, diffusers, or indeed perfume and aftershave.

We recommend:

Organics London  – Complete Bliss diffuser by Neom which is a complex blend of 17 of the purest possible essential oils including Moroccan blush rose, lime & black pepper, ideal for a warm sense of relaxation.

Said to be “the essence of modern romance”, the Red Roses fragrance by Jo Malone is a voluptuous blend of seven of the world’s most exquisite roses, with crushed violet leaves and a hint of lemon. 

Waitrose offers a beautiful collection of flowers for Valentine’s Day, including gorgeous lilies, tulips, carnation and classic roses. If you would like to be truly indulgent then you can opt for a dazzling bouquet of 200 red roses from Appleyard London. 

  1. Love what you see

Sight is the most receptive of the senses, therefore, arguably the most important.  So, turn off the bright overhead lights and set the scene for romance with mood lighting.  Set the candlelight flickering and replace old table lamps with exquisite chandeliers full of stylish flair.

Create that romantic atmosphere with beautiful and personalised accessories. Leave hints of love throughout your home with carefully selected accessories this Valentine’s Day. These little touches will come together to create a warm sentiment of affection and effortlessly brighten your interiors.

We recommend:

Lighting companies Porta Romana and Heathfield both offer magnificent pieces that are perfect for setting that romantic atmosphere.

A beautiful set of six heart shaped porcelain decorations finished with a Scandi-inspired twine tie, perfect for handing on decorative branches or door handles. 

Frame the ones you love in a With Love photo frame from Vera Wang’s Love Collection and wrap your Valentine’s gifts in this luxury damask hearts wrapping paper in metallic crystal. 

  1. A taste of romance

Create a romantic dinner at home this Valentine’s Day; include your favourite sensual foods and a bottle of pink champagne!  Make the dining table special with beautiful tableware, flowers and candles.  To complete the romantic story use heart shaped dishes, candle holders and champagne flutes.

We recommend:

The White Company has a collection of Valentine’s tableware, including sets of heart shaped placemats in quality linen and charming heart print napkins.

If you seek romantic heart shaped tableware take a look at the selection from Portmeirion, Porto Stoneware or Le Creuset

Don’t forget the finishing touches by dressing your table with elegant and romantic champagne flutes such as these from Waterford Crystal.

  1. The sounds of our emotions

Whether it is your favourite tune playing softly in the background or a crackling fire glowing in the hearth, sound is an important element in creating that romantic atmosphere.  Classical music offers some of the most romantic melodies ever recorded.  From opera arias that capture the intense flush of a first love, to tear-jerking love themes from some of the most romantic stories ever told.  There’s an endless range of wonderful romantic music to choose from, whether the latest sounds or something more classical. Just perfect for Valentine’s Day

We recommend: 

Create your own personalised playlist reflecting the sounds and music that tell the story of your romance. 

  1. Bring your senses together in your own personal spa

Treat yourself to a touch of pampering on Valentine’s Day. Run a bubble bath, light the candles and put on some relaxing spa music. Use all your favourite luxurious bath treats, rich moisturisers and scented aromas to make you feel refreshed and revitalised for the special day.

We recommend:  

Indulge and relax with Jo Malone London’s, bath and body luxuries this Valentine’s Day.  Layer their beautiful, feminine and romantic scents or enjoy the more masculine fragrances! 

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